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Mystery diver
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Mystery diver

How many folk can mind this fella, photo looks as if it could have been taken in Scapa FLOW 1938
Picture added on 14 February 2012 at 09:26
Is it Robert Thomson from Towerhouse?
Added by Stewart Taylor on 14 February 2012
Looking in the books 'Cox's Navy' & ' The Man who Bought A Navy' it sorta looks like Sinclair Mackenzie, who in one of books said he was the last diver to detect life aboard the doomed sub H.M.S Thetis in 1939. Only a guess though!
Added by S. Leonard on 14 February 2012
Is it Arthur Nundy Alan, I have just been reading his account o his life at the salvage work, very straight talk no frills as only old Arthur could do!!.
Added by John Budge on 14 February 2012
I was thinking maybe Jimmy Thompson... or there is a likeness to Sinclair MacKenzie from pics ive seen..no Sandy Robertson or Danny Johnston from my memories of them..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 15 February 2012
Its Arthur nundy in his young days
Added by Alex Nitkowski on 15 February 2012
That's two of you correct, well done its Arthur Nundy as a young man.
Added by Allan Besant on 15 February 2012
Hoping the contributors here can help with identifying the diving crew in picture #26197
Added by Jane Harris on 27 February 2012
Yep looks like the very man i used to know when he was staying in aberdeen,before he passed away.
Even did a job for him in the isle of coll,
Great man to be around and listen too.
Added by Mike Summers on 24 April 2012
He was a great man, good to work for too
Added by Alex Nitkowski on 26 April 2012
The phot is definitely not Sinclair MacKenzie - he was my father's close friend. The comment about him and the Thetis submarine is correct though.
Added by Katrina Grant on 07 July 2014
This is def Arthur Nundy, bonny looking lad in his day, Could listen to him all day and night the stories were something else and a very clever man,to boot, and his good lady also
Added by Mike on 13 July 2014
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