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The Ben Barvas then and now
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The Ben Barvas then and now

The Ben Barvis then and now, wrecked on Pentland Skerries 1964?, still there after all the years.
Picture added on 10 February 2012 at 16:25
Barvas John! You got it right with picture #13308.
Added by Ian Hourston on 10 February 2012
Been in looking at all the photo's you have posted from my Father's collection. Regarding the Ben Barvis, not that I remember, but the year was indeed 1964,(but only just perhaps about 10th Jan) as it was about a week before I was born that the incident happened. Colin was involved somehow, but instructed by my Mother not to be "going too far away" as she was heavily pregnant carrying me at the time.
Added by Gordon MacKay on 16 March 2012
Ben Barvas - 3rd/4th 1964.
Anonymous comment added on 18 March 2012
Has anyone landed on Little Skerry? I thought I'd seen a triangulation station on its summit.
Added by Richard Evans on 11 December 2012
That old wreck has sat there sice 1964, now it's nearly at the top of the island, pushed up 25-30ft by thye gale on Fri 14th Dec. The landing derrick on the big skerry which lies at the top of Scartan is completely flattened, it sits roughly 30ft above sea level. Unbelievable seas on that day!
Added by Leigh Mowat on 17 December 2012
Some pounding on Muckle Skerry, that's a high point from memory.
Added by Richard Evans on 17 December 2012
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