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Franka Solida 2

My first decent camera – late 50s, early 60s. A Franka Solida 2. Shutter speeds 1 sec to 1/300th. Aperture f3,5 to f22. Flash sync, and delayed action. Used 120 roll film – 12 x 2¼ sq. negatives.
Picture added on 15 December 2011 at 09:00
First shot I've ever seen of a Franka (FRANconia KAmerawerke of Beyreuth, Germany). You must have got it just before they went out of business, Sandy. My, roughly contemporary, camera was a Kodak Bantam Colorsnap which after a few years I sold to a dealer for almost what I paid for it (worth over £100 today). My next camera was the first of three Topcons (TOkyo OPtical COmpany) I eventually owned - fine innovatory SLRs, which pioneered the instant-return mirror and TTL metering, now taken for granted. Topcon pulled out of the consumer market decades ago, I don't know why.
Added by Ian Hourston on 15 December 2011
This was a great camera Ian. I had it when i was in the army. I was "somewhere in Europe" where photography was just a tad discouraged. I still glow in the dark. But I managed to take a lot of photos with it. As you say, these cameras now are worth an awful lot more than they cost. Olympus SLRs OM1, OM10 etc are going for £20 on Ebay. Heck! I saved forever to buy a OM1.
Added by Sandy Windwick on 19 December 2011
I bought the Olympus OMn1 back in the eighties Sandy, still use it for slides, they are fetching quite a bit on Ebay
Added by Alan on 19 December 2011
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