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Alexander Pirie Stephen
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Alexander Pirie Stephen

Alexander Pirie Stephen - from Mill Bay West, Hoy.

Photo of my Grandad who served in the Army Dental Core in WW2, mainly in Italy I believe.

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Picture added on 15 December 2011 at 08:56
Did he have a son named after him?
Added by Mrs Wendy Landale nee Landale on 30 March 2014

Yes he had a son of the same name, my Uncle, born around 1941. Also my mother Margaret (Rita) Stephen.

Did you know my Uncle?
Added by Brian Gray on 22 August 2014
Brian I think I knew your Uncle. Did he have ginger hair and was he at North Walls School around 1956/57? If that is the case then I did know him and always wondered what happened to him. My name was Margaret Thorburn and my dad was the headmaster of that school. I now live in Canada.

Added by Margaret Thorburn Tames on 26 September 2014

Yes he had ginger hair and was at North Walls school but I dont know what years. He lived at Mill Bay.

I think for most of his adult life he lived in Glasgow, initially in the shipyards but for most of his working life was a policeman and moved to Kilbarchan. He died in around 2005.

Added by Brian Gray on 03 October 2014
Brian I am so sorry that he has gone. He was a very nice person and was always kind to the younger children - of which I was one at the time. Alex had an older sister who came to our school and taught us for a short time for practice while she was getting her teaching degree. I remember she was really strict:-)) Was she your mother??
Added by Margaret Thorburn Tames on 13 October 2014
Brian I have to say that he was my Aunt Astrid's husband
Added by Mrs Wendy Landale nee Guldberg on 23 October 2014
Brian I meant Alexander Pirie Stephen jr was my uncle-in-law married to my Aunt Astrid who still lives in their house.
Added by Mrs Wendy Landale on 29 October 2014
To clarify Alexander Pirie Stephen Jr. was my Aunt Astrid's husband. She still lives in their house.
Added by Mrs Wendy Landale on 30 October 2014
Hello I am Clifford Roberts Stephen granddaughter .
His grandfather was Alexander Stephen who married Margaret Kelday . Could this be a relation to me
Added by Danielle Stephen on 06 August 2016
Danielle - Yes, Alex (pictured) and Clifford are brothers.
Margaret - That's right Alex Stephen (pictured) had 2 children, Alex and Margaret (Rita) who was my Mum. Haha, yes was indeed strict!
Added by Brian Gray on 28 February 2018
Clifford Roberts Stephen was a younger brother of Ally Stephen and Cliff did not have a grand daughter only a grandson called Magnus Stephen. The photo above reminds me very much of another brother of Ally called William (Billy) who was one of my uncles alongside Mattie (still alive) and another uncle called Jim (long since deceased who also lived in Glasgow). FYI Cliff Stephen was my father and he died in May 2015 in Kirkwall. Margaret Kelday was the mother of the above brothers.
Added by Fiona Stephen on 13 November 2018
Ally (in the picture above) had brothers called Clifford, Jim, William and Mattie and sisters called Jean, Cathy, Meta, Vida and Helen. The only brothers and sisters still alive are Mattie and Helen. My late father was Cliff Roberts Stephen and he died in 2015 and I am his only daughter (he had 3 sons) and his only grandchild was called Magnus. I am not sure where someone called Danielle fits into the picture.
Added by Fiona Stephen on 18 November 2018
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