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Robert Gillespie
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Robert Gillespie "Grandad O'The Glebe"

Round about 1956
Robert Gillespie "Grandad O'The Glebe" and his daughter Margaret.
He always had a nice motor bike, some brand new but never got them into top gear according to dad anyway! His side car was a bit better than the one we had, there were canvas bits at the side to keep the wind off.
Here he is as a teenager: picture #23416
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Picture added on 03 May 2011 at 11:20
Any idea of the model of the BSA? I think that it maybe a 600 side valve model. I had one similar and it was Ex Army. Many of them were sold to the Public.
Added by Ian S. Carter on 11 May 2011
Beryl, Ian Carters story of the BSA motorbike reminds me o a BSA here in Longhope when I was a boy. I think this can be safely told now as the people are no longer with us,A Serviceman was in overseas dispatches, so when due for demob he simply addresed a BSA motorbike to an address in Longhope and by the time he got home there was a new BSA motorbike waiting for him!!.

Nothing like what our MPs are up to today was it, I would call it using your heead!!.
Added by John Budge on 13 May 2011
This is the story about the west mainland lad who took his peedie sister a hurl on his new motor bike- she got cowld hingan on so he gave her his owld jerkin oot o'the pannier(army bike)The zip wis had it so she pit it on back tae front- anywey she fell aff gan roond a bend and when he fand oot he geed back tae luk fur hir. Ther wis a crowd gethered roond the lassie when he came oan hir--is shae allrite? he says
shae wis fine till wae pat her heid the rite wey roond!
Added by Kenny Meason on 14 May 2011
My cousin Bertie Gillespie says it was a BSA 500, an ex army bike.
Now your story John has me wondering about all the ex army BSA motor bike chaps fae LOnghope. :-\
Added by Beryl Simpson on 16 May 2011
A tale fae Caithness went something like this:

In the early days o motor cars a father and son came on a Toff, (Country Squire) who had been run over by a car. Father says tae the son "Hoo is he Billy?" "O my god Faither hees in a hellofa bad way hees ribs are runnan north and sooth!" (The Toff was wearing a back brace !!.)
Added by John Budge on 18 May 2011
Old Bob O The Glebe as he was known to us bought a brand new Triumph 500 speed twin and must have passed this one on to son David. The new Triumph was bought around 1955 (?) and fitted with a side car.
Added by John Budge on 26 February 2013
A lovely Triumph with lots of chrome. The sidecar was maroon with canvas side bits to keep the wind off.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 26 March 2013
Hi Beryl I think I have your Grandads bike as BS3087 was registered to him in 1949 see picture #27015 Now working and fully restored. Regards John O'Regan
Added by John O'Regan on 19 May 2013
I was so glad I put the two photo's on this excellent site. Just could not believe the bike was still on the go and so fine to hear it is still in use. You will have to come a holiday to Orkney for the Vintage Rally which is held every August. Lot's of old bikes at it. I'm maybe a bit biased but that one well it would be very special.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 22 May 2013
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