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BS3087 and BS3092
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BS3087 and BS3092

2 Orkney registered motorcycles ex WD BSA M20 taken as bought in Sept 1986. See picture #26639 for BS3092 David Brass Gillespie at Brims View in 1955.
Picture added on 29 January 2013 at 18:53
This is a remarkable find John due entirely to this site. One thing I remember about David's bike was it had a stand on the side like a long rod with a spike and a disc to to stop the machine from sinking in soft ground. Dont know if that was standard fitting or if David put it on, he was a very good engineer and a careful and well handed man in every way.
Added by John Budge on 31 January 2013
My dad's old bike is still on the go that is just unbelievable, what a fantastic find. That has just made my night and I must tell my brother all about it. Missed your post on my photo for some reason sorry about that but will be in touch. Thanks for all the details you provided.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 02 February 2013
Hi Beryl/John
You won't believe this but i've been in touch with Orkney Library archive and BS3087 was registered to Robert Gillespie (see picture #25084 with Margaret)
see email below
Regards John

Hi John,

I searched through Orkney Archive item reference: CO8/2/9 Motor Taxation, 1925-1950, Registers of Motor Vehicles, January Covers registration numbers: BS937 - BS 3435 and found the entry for BS 3087.

It shows Robert Gillespie as the registered owner. His address was Glebe, Longhope (which is in the parish of Walls on the island of Hoy) and the date of registration was 17/01/1949. There is no more information regarding the vehicle.

I hope this information is useful to you.

Best wishes,
Lucy Gibbon
Assistant Archivist
Added by John O'Regan on 22 February 2013
Here is another older bike picture #23120 (w Magnus Johnston)
Added by Richard Johnston on 23 February 2013
Can anyone access "CO8/2/9 Motor Taxation, 1925-1950, Registers of Motor Vehicles" where is it?
Added by Al Hine on 26 May 2013
Hi Al I sent an email to Orkney Library archives to request info on the reg number Lucy there dealt with it their email address is [email protected]
Added by John O'Regan on 29 May 2013
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