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16-02-2011 We recently dug this fragment of pottery up in our garden in Wem, Shropshire, & I was trying to find out where it came from when I happened upon this site. It bears the inscription 'FLETT'S JAMS ARE PURE'.
Picture added on 18 February 2011 at 19:03
The jar in picture #6500 would quite likely have a bottom like this one. There seems to be some uncertainty as to whether P C Flett & Co of Kirkwall ever made jam commercially, but they certainly had their label on jam-jars (and now on T-shirts etc).
Added by Ian Hourston on 18 February 2011
Fletts Jam factory was in Liverpool but was detroyed during WWII. My father worked there when he left school. Not sure of the address though but somewhere in my garage I have a wooden 12" ruler with their details embossed onto it. I will report any further details.
Added by Clive Hanley on 05 October 2011
my mum worked in Fletts jam factory Liverpool before the war. She said it was in Everton Valley.
Added by E Toby on 02 February 2013
very strange I recently found the exact same broken piece of a fletts jam jar in deeply vale valley near bury lancashire. i will try and put a picture up
Added by James Magnall on 20 March 2013
Have today, in my garden in Pendeen in West Cornwall, dug up a complete jar with the same logo and writing on its base!
Added by Geoff Hoather on 24 July 2013
I have a complete one of these, identical but the complete pot. It was dug up when digging footings under a 100 year old house in Blackwood Gwent. The stamp on the bottom is identical and has what looks like a chicken in the centre
Added by Chris Turley on 30 July 2013
Just turned over a pot I keep pens in and same as jar mentioned. My husband dug it up in Wales 20 odd years ago. Are they worth anything?

Added by Jan Burrows on 18 October 2014
I have one of these complete jars mentioned. Found it in one of my farm fields on Anglesey earlier this year (2016)
Added by Albert Owen on 06 September 2016
Ive just found a fletts jar in good condition at a old derelict house in wrexham
Added by Jwa on 25 April 2018
Dug up County Durham 2019.Different base marking, lacking the pictorial mark, and no evidence of paper label. Pot had the line marking on outside similar(not identical) to that shown in image.
Added by K A Saville on 30 June 2019
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