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Demolition of Tom Brass's shop
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Demolition of Tom Brass's shop

Peter Burges sends in this picture taken along Victoria Street in Kirkwall, looking past Donaldson's butcher shop towards the end of Main Street, and writes:

'This picture was taken by the late A.J.Cromarty.....a very professional-amateur photographer in his time.....date believed to be 1966.'
Picture added on 31 August 2004
Hi there, I wonder if any one there can help me- there was an old Scammell lorry
left somewhere near Scapa pier belonging to Willim Tawse Aberdeen that my father drove for many years. I know it is now in Aberdeen. I am looking for any pictures of any Tawses lorries or how became abanded there.Regards David campbell Inverness
Added by David Campbell on 27 February 2007
I think the old Scammell that lay at Scapa came from Rockworks in Holm, before the County Council, took it over when Rockworks closed in the 50s. It had solid back tyres, and had, I think, chain drive. I remember it being driven by Dougie Wick, and Bobby Oag.
Added by Gordie Peterson on 28 February 2007
I remember the old Scammell well. I was at Rockworks while it was still in use there and being in charge of purchasing I approached Scammell, tongue in cheek, for a reuqest for replacement solid tyres. Imagine my surprise when they replied giving a quote. If memory serves, date of manufacture was 1926 (my birth year).
Added by Tom Scott on 01 March 2007
Trying very hard from Australia to get a "feel" for the landscape and towns of the Orkney Islands and your photos are a great help. I am researching Brass family of Stromness - can you tell me anything about this Tom Brass and his shop?
Ann Johnson
Added by Ann Johnson on 06 August 2007
With regard to the Scammell lorry near Scapa flow it belongs to a friend of mine. It's currently stored but he intends restoring it. Please feel free to email me and i will update you on progress. If anyone has any pictures of it i know he would love to see them.
Added by David Walker on 22 August 2007
Delighted to view this photo we lived in the house next door in Main St from 1952 until 1957. Did all my shopping at this shop.
Added by NORMA CRAIGIE on 22 August 2007
Rest in peace Norma.
Added by Sumteeik on 27 February 2009
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