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Volcanic dust?
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Volcanic dust?

The view through my car windscreen this morning (16/4/10). I concede it isn't the cleanest car ever, but the screen was clean last night- so is this the volcanic dust from Iceland that is grounding all flights just now?

The soft focus house in the background is Warrenfield.

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Picture added on 16 April 2010 at 13:18
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I had dust like this (though not as bad) that appeared on my car on Wednesday morning (14th) down in Reading, Berkshire, and I've seen it on other cars too. It wouldn't have been volcanic dust so quickly, would it? I'm curious, though! It's a grey-brown muddy colour. Sometimes we get Saharan dust here but it is, as you'd expect, a bit yellow. Mysterious.
Added by Helen Roche on 16 April 2010
I'm sure it will be Steven,I put a white tray on my patio on thursday night 15/4/10 and in the morning it had some very fine black dust along with some water,in the daylight it sparkled,it must be the glassy way through it.
Added by Roy Sinclair on 16 April 2010
I did have a crisis of confidence that I just had a dirty car, until I operated the windscreen wipers and the grey dust swept into a jet black line.
Added by Steven Heddle on 16 April 2010
Na, Na, thee car is jist needan' a good cleen the same is wure ane!!
Added by John Budge on 17 April 2010
If you feel the need to clean it of, don't scrub, just rinse it! It's basically very fine grinding paste and won't do the paint any good to say the least!
Added by Alistair Foden on 18 April 2010
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