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Story behind this picture?

R. Garden, Ltd., lorry circa 1916. The man behind the wheel is Alfred Edward Sinclair, my grandfather. William James Garden was his stepfather, and Alfred is known to have worked for the company as a driver before service in WWI (1916+) and immigration to the US. The Garden name isn't on the vehicle, so perhaps this wasn't a "shop on wheels," as we can see in other photos at this site. The buildings must be warehouses? Could this truck have brought goods from the warehouses to the store? This is an Albion, license #BS 390. There isn't anything written on this photo, but the man inside with the jaunty cap is definately Alfred. Any further thoughts on this would be welcome. Also, I am seeking a photo of Newhall Cottage on Berstane Rd., where Alfred was born. It and neighboring Springfield Cottage appear to have been demolished and the area occupied by a housing development. Thanks!

Doug Sinclair (from Mt. Vernon, NY)
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Picture added on 25 March 2010 at 14:19
Newhall Cottage, where my grandparents once lived, and I believe that I may have spent the first six months of my life, still exists, although much refurbished and modernised. It is on the town side of Vorseed. If I can find a photo I will submit it.
Added by Ian M Gibson on 29 March 2010
Having studied the above vehicle and then turned my attention to picture #23622,where Phil Brough very ably refers to a very similar lorry on the pier at Kirkwall.
As can be taken from this his assumption is spot on, obviously R.Garden's lorry supplying R.Garden's Cormorant with Goods for Sale.
To me, both lorries look very alike.
Or maybe it's my turn to visit an optician!?!
Added by Peter Burges on 30 March 2010
For Doug Sinclair from Mt Vernon, N.Y.

Have a look at picture #23445 in the Orkney Communities Library for a Picture of Springfield Cottage, known as Vorsheed in the days of T.K.
Perhaps it still exists under that name.
Added by Peter Burges on 30 March 2010
Ian, thank you in advance. Peter and Ian - I'm looking at an 1880 map of the area (one of the ordnance surveys? very detailed) and I see Park Cottage, which is still there, then Newhall Cottage, Hayfield across the street, which looks to still be there as well, then Springfield, but I don't see Newhall and Springfield in the Google street view. It all looks quite modernly developed. Where Newhall was appears to be one of the roads going into the newer housing development. I see Park Cottage clearly (the roofline, that is, over trees), so I would think Springfield/Voorsheed would also be visible. It would be much taller than the new houses. There is a house across the street from Hayfield, but off from its 1880 position. If this is Newhall, it has been changed drastically. I'd love to have a photo of it from an earlier period.

thanks for pointing out the dock photo. I hadn't seen it.
Added by Doug Sinclair on 03 April 2010
Peter - and thank you for pointing out the other photos. The dock photo is particularly interesting. My family has several little life-savers that say "SS Cormorant" and "Kirkwall" on them, and look like they were made as souvenirs? Meant to hang on a wall. I've read about Cormorant being used around the islands, but I didn't know about the Garden connection. It now makes even more sense to think that my grandfather drove lorries back and forth from the shop to the dock. This is great!
Added by Doug Sinclair on 03 April 2010
Ian - I reviewed the 1880 Ordnance Survey map and realized I was confused about where "The Meadows" now branches off Berstane Rd. The arrangement of Park Cottage and a building next door is similar to that of Springfield and Newhall Cottage. I see at Google that Newhall now has a much modern front. I'd still be interested in a photo of it before this work was done. Thank you!

Doug Sinclair
Added by Doug Sinclair on 08 April 2010
Hi Doug, I believe I may also have a connection with Alfred Edward Sinclair. Please email me.
Added by Pip Buchanan on 28 April 2018
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