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Kirkwall Pier
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Kirkwall Pier

Old post card of kirkwall pier
Picture added on 28 March 2010 at 13:00
Could that be the Ferndene lying at the Crossberth, she was one of a group of ships that come to mind, namely the Oakdene and the Ashdene, there could have been more?. The boat berthed at the pier with the lorry opposite could the"Cormorant" R.Garden's Cargo Boat. She had a local crew and was constantly on the run south and back. I think there are other Photos' of her on The Image Library. Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough on 29 March 2010
The Ferndene that came to Kirkwall in 1960s -70s was a motor ship with mast amidships The last steam coal boat in Kirkwall was SS BRIARDENE in the early 60s. MV OAKDEDENE and MV EDENSIDE were sister ships with different wheelhouses
Anonymous comment added on 30 March 2010
The ship to the west of the crossberth could be SS AMELIA
Anonymous comment added on 31 March 2010
This is the Fernside, as far as I can tell with my magnifying glass.
Added by Grant Leonard on 31 March 2010
Hi,Grant,I should have thought about the magnifying glass too. In the Forties and Fifties there was the S.S.Edenside, S.S.Ashdene, S.S.Oakdene, the Colliers S.S.Cushag and the S.S.Wisbech, the Cement Boats S.S.St Abbs Head, S.S.Rora Head, S.S.Duncansby Head,as well as slag. All dirty cargoes which had to be handled by shovel.The dockers' certainly earned their money in those days. Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough on 02 April 2010
I can mind the "Ashdeen" cuman inta Longhope and she had no reverse gear, to go astern the engine was stoped and restarted on the opposite rotation and one time I think she failed tae restart they gead skreachan" along the pier untill she took the bottom.Thir wiz a lot o shouting and bad words that I had never heard afore!!.
Added by John Budge on 04 April 2010
SS RORA HEAD belonged to North of Scotland Orkney and Shetland Steam Navigation Co Ltd
Added by Bobatbutty@yahoo.co.uk on 05 April 2010
The Ferndene had a red star on its bow, I was on it 70s
Added by Ken Foulis on 04 March 2012
MV FERNDENE of the 70s had mast and derricks amidships.
Added by Bob Kelday on 04 March 2012
Looks a lot like the old Edenside that was broken up in 1958.
Anonymous comment added on 04 March 2012
And later in life, the Ferndene had no mast or derricks, just a wee pole forrid for her steaming light.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 05 March 2012
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