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Nigley, in Evie
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Nigley, in Evie

This is Nigley, in Evie, taken around 1900. Howe, in Evie, and Midland, in Rendall, are almost exactly the same as the house at Nigley. It is a guess, but we think that the house at Nigley was built around 1850. The Leasks, who were in Nistigar, a 60 acre farm, bought Nigley, another 60 acre farm, and moved up there, probably building the house not long afterwards. All the buildings at Nistigar slowly disappeared, and nowadays nothing can be seen of where the the original farm buildings were.
Picture added on 11 February 2010 at 11:30
I am researching the Leask's who lived in Evie & Rendall ... I cant believe i have only just joined within the last half hour ...and already I have found a photo that possibly connects me to my ancestors (if it is the same Leasks).
Added by Hazel Borland nee Leask on 11 February 2010
Hi, Hazel - I have not done very much research into the Leasks, and it could well be that the Leasks of Nistigar/Nigley were related to the Leasks from Rendall, but I do not have any proof of it. There were also Leasks in Flaws, a neighbour farm to Nigley, but they were from Stronsay. A son of the Leask man in Flaws married a Leask daughter in Nigley in 1857 (James Leask and Jessie Leask). Jessie Leask's father, Hugh Leask, from Nistigar/Nigley, died in a drowning accident in the basin in Kirkwall in 1833. I do not know anything about his parents, or family. He married into part of my family, the Trumblands. I am sorry I cannot be of more help to you, Hazel.
Anonymous comment added on 12 February 2010
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