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Shipping cattle Stronsay, possibly 1980
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Shipping cattle Stronsay, possibly 1980

Shipping cattle Stronsay, possibly 1980
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Picture added on 07 January 2010 at 16:06
Great natural photo Jim,could be 1978/79, I'm really not sure.Can you tell who else is in the photo from the original?
Added by Betty Miller on 09 January 2010
I doot yae widna "caa"" a couple o Loopie Limmosins doon the Stronsay pier noo Jim,they wid hiv the the onlookers "skatteran furr cover".
Added by John Budge on 12 January 2010
Hi Betty, I think we will both be a bit oot with the date as this is clearly before the fish factory was built. Dont know when that was but i expect somebody will be able to tell us. I have blown it up as far as i can and used a magnifying glass and am sure the man beside your Dad is Norrie Firth. Willie o Russland is looking over his car door. Not sure who the other man is
Anonymous comment added on 15 January 2010
By the look of the vehicles it looks more like early 70's
Added by Allan Scott on 16 January 2010
Hi Betty , Iwas sure I put my name to the comment above but it must have got lost somewhere north o the Galt
Added by Jim Cooper on 19 January 2010
I agree Jim, I left Stronsay in 1970 and the fish factory was there then. Dad did a lot of work down there while I was still home.
Added by Betty Miller on 19 January 2010
"By hang" would that be Norrie's larry that he told me many a story aboot during our patrols around Flotta on the night shift 30yrs ago?
Added by John Foulis on 20 January 2010
Good isles cars? these look like 60's vehicles to me
Added by Irvine Budge on 23 January 2010
Spoke to Norrie and he tells me that it was indeed his larry. He bought it from Colin Peace when he was still at Olivebank. That's Norrie next to dad a'hint the biss.
Added by Betty Miller on 26 January 2010
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