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Jane Baikie with swimmer David Wilkie
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Jane Baikie with swimmer David Wilkie

This is my late sister Jane Baikie with swimmer David Wilkie - taken 1982. I believe it must have been the same event as that attended by Bruce Moar, picture #21123.
Picture added on 16 September 2009 at 17:45
Jane was in my year at school and I had my photo taken with David Wilkie the same day. As chairman of our recent class reunion I had the difficult task of reminding the class of the 9 classmates who are no longer with us. Makes you appreciate every day.
Added by Ian Tait on 16 September 2009
I worked beside Jane at Bell Baxter High School. She was a wonderful colleague. I can see her now with that smile and her wicked sense of humour. We used to talk often about Orkney. Sadly missed. Thank you for this picture.
Added by Dennis Campbell on 17 September 2009
What a brilliant picture of Jane!
Added by Diane on 18 September 2009
I can't tell you how nice it is to read these comments about Jane. I wasn't sure what the response would be to these photos, but I suppose I should have known! I love this website, and I'm honoured that these photos have been printed. Thank you to orkneycommunities team and to all those who post a comment, it really means a lot!
Added by Ellen Pesci on 22 September 2009
i worked with jane years ago in Cranks, London. a wonderful person.
Added by AIDAN MCCANE on 30 December 2011
Some months ago I tried to look up Jane my doing a google search, to try to get back in touch with her, I was very shocked and incredibly saddened and upset to hear that she has passed away, it took some months for it to sink in and now I just feel I would like to add a comment to this page.

We lived together for almost a year in Aberdeen in around 1998, this is while Jane was training to become a teacher. Jane was a hoot to live with, I just loved listening to all of her stories and hearing her wicked laugh. She was also so very considerate and caring, and a great person to talk a problem through with. Ellen, I remember meeting you when you came to visit Jane, we went to see Tommy Tiernan and Jason Byrne in the Lemon Tree.

After we both left Aberdeen we stayed in touch for a while, but then eventually lost touch. She was often on my mind though and I often wondered what she was doing and how she was getting on.

I have nothing but very fond memories of Jane, right now I can imagine her wicked laugh and her Vic and Bob impression!

Ellen, please accept my sincere condolences, I hope these comments do not make you feel sad, I just felt I wanted to say that she touched my heart too.


Added by Anita Hogan on 26 August 2012
Jane was my Drama teacher at Bell Baxter High School back in 2007, I've only just found out of her passing and can't say how gutted I am. She was an amazing teacher and an amazing person. So sorry to hear of your loss.
Added by Martyn on 23 September 2013
I adored Jane. She was a free Spirit, and loved life. We were at Stromness Academy together, 1980-86, and yes, her laugh was her's, truly infectious. We believed in the same things, no Nuclear weapons, CND, and we got on really well and enjoyed a laugh.We always used to dance or heads off together at the Stromness Hotel Disco, by anything by 'The Cult', but mainly 'She sells Sanctuary', and 'The rain'. We were all quite close knit, a group of us, and we loved her very much. It is 0315 in the morning, and I am thinking of her. I hope that she is still dancing. She was a close friend, and amazing to be with. I do miss her.
Added by Gregor McNee on 19 August 2014
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