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Riding a plough on Lookout Burray
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Riding a plough on Lookout Burray

Josie and John Tibbles riding a plough on Lookout Burray. Glims Holm in the background 1949
Picture added on 16 September 2009 at 17:43
I think that might be the other side of Echna Bay (Viewforth is the house) in the background, not Glims Holm. Lovely picture though.
Added by Diane on 18 September 2009
thats my mum josie smales, now lives in South Ronaldsay
Added by Catherine Corsie on 21 September 2009
This is no plough, hid is whit I wid call a scuffler and was used tae try and control the weeds attween the neep dreels.
Does aneyboddy ken whit I am on aboot!!
Oh, and used in the tattie dreels as weel.
Added by John Budge on 21 September 2009
Ken fine whit your on aboot John, have walked many miles ahint wan
Added by Jim Cooper on 23 September 2009
I know what you are on about John, grandad had one at the Glebe.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 27 September 2009
Lit me mind on the high tec machinery wae hid when I wiz young !!

Thir wiz a Dreg Ransome ploo ahint the Fordson fower harrows on a widden streacher-spring teeth harrows-a wheeled cultivator-peedie owld horse roller-and heavy sleepers tae braak doon the clods and that wiz more or less the cultivation equeepmant on whur place.
Some differ noo, whit young cheel wid like tae set about braakan in neep land wae the lik o that in this high power age!?.
Added by John Budge on 28 September 2009
That is My ganny and great uncle!!!
Added by Grace Corisie on 31 January 2010
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