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What street is this
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What street is this

One of a group of photos taken by a private photographer. I think the car is an Austin 10hp, and the man with camera on his back,and the lady beside him appear to be tourists. Would Sandy Windwick have an idea what kind of camera would have taken this photo? The man seems to have a Box Camera on his back. Added by Phil Brough.
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Picture added on 07 August 2009
Looks like Victoria street but I'm not sure.
Added by Alistair Foden on 08 August 2009
Victoria Street
Added by Alastair on 08 August 2009
Victoria Street.
Added by Marion Mcleod on 08 August 2009
Looking at this Photo more closely, I think the shop on the immediate right handside, could be D.M.Wright the Chemist, laterly Sutherland the Chemist. Opposite the Austin car on the left hand side, the lightish coloured building is now possibly the Royal Hotel Bar front with the lane up the nearside to the Camera. Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough on 09 August 2009
Think it looks more like a street in Stromness
Added by Mick Harcus on 09 August 2009
Victoria Street - taken from the front of what used to be Sutherland the Chemist's shop - before Croy's Ladies Shop was built.
Added by T. Tullock on 10 August 2009
I'm with Phil, except I think the light coloured building (see picture #10189) has been demolished to leave the Royal (Orkney Hotel) car park, with only a fragment of the curved arch left (see picture #1291 and picture #1303). The lane up to the now Back Bar will be beside the woman walking to the camera.
Added by Steven Heddle on 10 August 2009
Steven, of course you are right when you see the other photos in comparison, very interesting indeed. Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough on 11 August 2009
Click to View Leslie's picture (left) shows the modern day aspect. With reference to that, the opening next to the woman walking to the camera is a doorway which has since been closed up, and the passage to the Back Bar and on to the Watergate will be opening nearer the camera, where the head of the woman walking away from the camera is. Indeed you can see the carved stone that is still there above the opening.
Added by Steven Heddle on 12 August 2009
Mick, I thought you would've instantly recognised this as being in Kirkwall with all the experience you've had recently of walking up Victoria Street!!
Added by B.Moar on 16 August 2009
No Bruce, it goes up the street that fast there is no time for sight seeing
Added by Mick Harcus on 17 August 2009
The building on the right nearest camera was never D.M.Wright's. That was down in Albert Street. This is indeed W.H.B.Sutherland's chemist shop. Next up on the right is the shop that became Davie Walls' grocer shop. The light-coloured building on the left was Johnstone's the coal merchant, the house Sir Robert Strange was born in in 18th Century. It was demolishes in the 1920's and did beome the Royal Hotel car park. Three of the stones of the archway next to what was, and still is, the Royal public bar. You cannot see Croy's for the corner of the light coloured building, but it was there. The houses on the left beyond Croy's were in a condemned condition for years until Croy's took possession of them and expanded their shop round about the war years or just after the war.
Added by David Partner on 24 October 2012
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