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Royal Bank of Scotland - 1970
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Royal Bank of Scotland - 1970

This photograph is of the staff of the Royal Bank of Scotland in September 1970 - in a gentler time when we undertook proper banking and long before recent excesses!
I am gald to be out of it but I wish that I had sold my shares!!

Back Row
Ian Gibson; Peter Taylor; Alex Mair; Evan Wylie; Alistair Yule; Brian Leonard; James Watson.

Middle Row(ladies married names given where known)
Maureen Wilson(Tait); Yvonne Leslie; Cynthia Coxon; David Irvine; Shirley Drever(Leonard); Margaret Craigie; Athole Tait(Thomson);

Front Row
Iris Scott(Milne); John Smith; Alan Findlay; John Bevan; Campbell Davie; Jack Macrae; Maisie Muir.

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Picture added on 03 April 2009
Nice photo of Granda Bevan !
Added by Paul Bevan on 25 November 2016
Agreed Paul. I have pleasant memories of when he was in charge of the Stromness Army Cadet Force. Not too sure about his 'human resources' skills, though: he made me a sergeant!
His permanently quizzical eyebrows owed something to an old surgical scar. Who was it that said every man should have a good scar? Not Mike Tyson, a female celebrity I think (Google's no help). John Bevan's was a good one.
Added by Ian Hourston on 07 December 2016
John and Archie Bevan had a sister we called Lettie (presume from Leticia or variants). Lettie married George Clubley who had Orkney connections. George has a fabulous interview (audio only) of flying hurricanes from Kent/ Essex & Sussex in the Battle of Britain after a unique RAF recruitment interview in Stromness...which is actually still available on the Imperial War Museum archives. The link follows www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80016096
Added by Paul Bevan on 01 June 2019
I remember Letty ((Letitia) as we spelled it though I bow to your probably superior knowledge Paul). I saw George Clubley only once and knew little about him, so I hastened to hear the IWM interview you kindly linked us to. Unfortunately I'm too hard of hearing - or not hard enough of listening - to glean a great deal from his soft-spoken, modest discourse. Among the snippets I did pick up was a reference to Dennis Crowley-Milling as, I think, George's first operational squadron commander. As it happened, I met Crowley-Milling soon after I joined the RAF, when I became MO at Central Fighter Establishment, RAF West Raynham, Norfolk, and his and his family's health were among my responsibilities. He was a charming, unpretentious man, absolutely devoted to his Service. I don't think I'm violating the secrecy of the consulting-room when I say his beautiful wife had a striking physical abnormality: one grey eye and one brown. Memorable!
Added by Ian Hourston on 09 June 2019
Hi Ian, I found a young George Clubley in a group photo of 181 Squadron. About half-way down the webpage, back-row 3rd from right. Likely taken September 1944 per squadron history: Link:
Added by Paul Bevan on 09 July 2019
Can't get that link to open, Paul.

[ Try clicking here - Steven ]
Added by Ian Hourston on 12 July 2019
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