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Orkney men of the 4th Seaforth Highlanders
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Orkney men of the 4th Seaforth Highlanders

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Picture added on 15 February 2009
This is a photo of some Orkney men of the fourth Seaforth Highlanders, presumably taken in Orkney.
L to R is Thomas Kent age aroung 19 from Greenwall, Westray; Samuel Harcus, Cotterochan Westray age aroung 29, my grandfather; ? Louttit from Woodstock in Holm; ?? from South Ronaldsay. All but my grandfather were killed in action in September 1918, we would like to both share this photo and know more about the others.
Added by Sam Harcus on 21 February 2009
Thomas Kent and Thomas Louttit both died in Palestine in September 1918 while serving in 1st Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders and are buried in Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel. Believe soldier on right of photo is Magnus Dearness from Quoyangry, South Ronaldsay, of 1st Seaforths, also buried Ramleh War Cemetery.
Added by Brian Budge on 21 February 2009
Wow! Thomas Louttit was my Grand-uncle I have never ever seen a photo of him... thankyou Sam
Added by Hazel on 24 February 2009
Brian, great, thanks very much indeed, where do you get your information and do you have any more on these four soldiers.

Added by Sam Harcus on 24 February 2009
I research the Orkney war dead for Kirkwall Royal British Legion, see Memorials section in their website, No. 29 of Orkney Communities group.

[Click here to visit the site: http://www.orkneycommunities.co.uk/KIRKWALLRBL/ ]

Photo is also there in Westray section, another of Thomas Louttit in Holm one. Four Orcadians joined the Seaforths in early 1917 (service numbers all between 204227-204232), photo taken later that year in Otley (near Leeds), West Yorkshire. Samuel was the only survivor of 1st Seaforths' last action of the war, the capture of the village of Beit Lid on 20/9/18 (both Thomas died of wounds received there). Email me direct if you'd like more information.
Added by Brian Budge on 25 February 2009
Thank you - Magnus Dearness is my geat-great uncle and I have never seen a picture of him, but he looks so like my late Grandfather it is unreal.
Added by Julie Dearness-Hepworth on 31 July 2009
Hi I am wondering about Magnus Dearness in the picture( my partner's grandfather is a Dearness and grew up at Quoyangry) I would like to if any anyone has any information on Magnus' siblings or children if he had any. Thank you
Added by Shirley Watson on 31 July 2009
From the cap badge I would say they were in 5th Seaforth Highlanders as they were the only Batt. to wear the capbadge with the wild cat surrounded with San Puer. Other Batts. had stags head badge
Added by Murray MacDonald on 17 July 2011
Re Magnus B L Dearness in the four soldgers he is the son of Jimima Dearness Ne Norquay, Magnus was killed in Palestine 20th Sept 1918 aged 20
he is my wifes 2nd cousin and the family gravestone in St Peters S Ronaldsay records his death.
Iain McCreath 2289
Added by [email protected] on 25 July 2011
Jemima Norquay and Robert Dearness married on 5th March 1885 and had 4 children (as far as I've found). John, Robert, Magnus and James - Robert is my Great Grandfather!!!

Magnus was Private 204227 of the Seaforth Highlanders and died in the Palestine on 20th September 1918. He is buried at Ramleh War Cemetery.

Robert was a Merchant Seaman and married Winifred Brown (in Hull) in 1912. His eldest child (Robert) was my grandfather.
Added by Julie Dearness-Hepworth on 03 August 2011
Magnus Dearness was my fathers cousin.His mother was my fathers aunt.She was one of a family of nine of which only five reached adulthood.They came from Herston,South Ronaldsay.
Added by Laurence Norquay on 13 August 2011
Magnus was my great uncle (by my calculations!). His brother was my great grandfather and Robert and Jemima were my great great grandparents - this all gets very confusing....too many Roberts!!! Am just about to start investigatiing my Orkney heritage, but have no-one (left in my family) that knows anything. If anyone does, Please share.......x
Added by Julie Dearness-Hepworth on 17 August 2011
Magnus was my Granny's 1st cousin making him my 1st cousin twice removed. Jemima Norquay and my great grampa William Budge Norquay were brother and sister so it would seem I have a number of extended family on here. Thanks for posting I never expected to see such an old family picture.
Added by Elizabeth Mair on 13 January 2012
These men are in the 5th Seaforth Highlanders
Added by Adam Brown on 03 February 2012
Hi Does anyone know anthing about a Private C Tilbury of the Seaforth Highlanders that served in the 1st world war.
Many thanks
Added by Neil on 20 March 2012
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