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Former lifeboat, John Gellatly Hyndman
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Former lifeboat, John Gellatly Hyndman

Tom sends in this tantalisingly uncaptioned picture of what looks to be a retired Watson class lifeboat. The name is legible when you look closely. And I can work out that the picture was taken at the end of August from the image properties.

History of this boat?
Picture added on 04 September 2006
Picture sent in response to your request for a photo of the last Stronsay lifeboat.
Added by Tommy Kirkpatrick on 04 September 2006
Aha! Thanks for that- this follows on from the following pictures of first Stronsay lifeboat, and the station:

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Added by Steven Heddle on 04 September 2006
The above vessel, (J.G.H.) was on station in August 1955 for that was the date of the naming ceremony in Stronsay.

Ceremony was performed by Mrs.Laura Grimond, wife of Orkney and Shetland member of parliament at that time.

I'm sure that I have a picture of this event somewhere in my collection, and will forward a copy if and when found.

Added by Peter Burges on 06 September 2006
This is actually a Barnett 52ft class. The giveaway is the anchor drum winch on the starboard side which was common and unique to all Barnetts. Mr Barnett was the owner of naval architects GL Watson at the time. One of his successors at Watson's was Alan McLachlan who designed the McLachlan lifeboat of which 10 were built, and also the Arun class (46 built in UK), possibly the RNLI's most successful boat and the last one designed by GL Watson.
Added by Iain Crosbie on 10 April 2007
Correction to my last message, the winch is, of course on the port side, not starboard.
Added by Iain Crosbie on 11 April 2007
Quite correct Iain, this is indeed a 52ft Barnett class lifeboat, and according to "history" two such vessels arrived in Orkney waters during 1955.
One was the Archibald and Alexander M. Paterson which was stationed at Stromness.
The other was the John Gellatly Hyndman which was stationed at Stronsay, a photo of which (naming ceremony), I intend to send to send off to Orkney Communities tonight.
Added by Peter Burges on 12 April 2007
This boat belongs to a good friend Andy Ashley, she is a 52ft MK1 Barnet Ex Stronsay, I own the Ex Stromness boat "Archibald and Alexander M Paterson" also a Barnett Class lifeboat, these two boats have been restored.
Added by Andy Iannetta on 02 June 2007
Would either of you like to bring your boats to join me with my Clyde class "Grace Paterson Ritchie" and 9 other ex-RNLI boats at the Glasgow River Festival on 14/15 July this year? I presume you can get my e-mail address from the site operators.
Added by Iain Crosbie on 03 June 2007
This boat was the last Barnett type lifeboat to serve in Stromness.
When the station boat Archibald and Alexander M Paterson was withdrawn from Stromness to be refitted for an Irish station this boat (ON923) seved as the relief boat whilst we awaited the new Arun (on1099).
Added by Stewart Taylor on 14 June 2007
We have only just found this site - nice to see a picture of our boat John Gellatley Hyndman. We have spent a long time restoring her - a never ending but rewarding job. We would love to bring her back to the Orkneys for a visit one day, but that may be some time off due to work etc. Can anyone tell us where the picture was taken?
Added by Andy & Jools Ashley on 05 December 2008
Think I have several pictures of the naming of the John Gellately Hyndman which I could put on if any interest to you
Added by Jim Cooper on 06 December 2008
We have a few pictures already but would love to see the ones you have. Thanks
Added by Andy & Jools Ashley on 12 December 2008
I have been trying to get the launch name of the former Orkney Lifeboat which is now moored at Bowling Basin on the River Clyde under the name 'Storm' and this looks very much like it.
Added by Dave Forbes on 25 July 2012
Dave, I think she was the David and Elizabeth King. stationed at Longhope at one time..

Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 26 July 2012
Dave the "Storm" was the former Solant class Longhope Lifeboat stationed here from 1970 until replaced by a Tyne class, she was back a visit in 2007 when our present Tamar class was named in 2007.
I served on all of them before retiring five years ago. the Solant rolled like a barrel but was a safe boat and saw some heavy weather while stationed here.
Added by John Budge on 27 July 2012
If I remember correctly, the original Barnett class lifeboats were actually known as the Stromness Barnett class. I understand, that this was because of the contrubution made by Robert Gregg and others to the design. I was also told that Mr Watson consulted Jake Swanson and Bill Mowat, when designing the original Watson class. The originals were similar to a large Stroma Yole.
Added by Fred Johnston. on 27 July 2012
A good few years ago I was looking through one of these Motorboats For Sale magazines. There was a lifeboat advertised named Stronsay, the picture looked like she was lying in a freshwater creek and she was in poor condition, could this be the same boat beautifully restored.
Added by Eddie Fraser on 30 July 2012
The anchor drum was on the port side of the Barnett's casing , atop the engine compartment
Added by Stewart Taylor on 31 July 2012
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