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Stronsay school
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Stronsay school

Not sure about the date. Older classes at the school. Back row from the left, Gordon Miller, Stanley Matches, Sydney Swannie.Jackie Cooper, Johnno Peace, John Leslie,Ernie Cooper 2nd row, ? Mr Drever, Jackie Mitchell,Jim Maxwell, Alfred bews,Jim Work, Doy Stout,J Williamson, Jim Burghes, Willie cooper, David Horne & Miss Firth 3rd row Jean Leslie, Lorna Reid, Mabel Muir,Norah Coleman, Emily Wylie, Margaret Stevenson,Minna Anderson, Mary Allan, Margaret Miller,Ella Chalmers, Nanna Rendall, Mary Hutchison 4th row Elsie Fotheringhame, Alice Chalmers , Rene Muir,Winnie Fotheringhame, Jean Stout, Mary Stevenson, Elma miller, Reta Shearer, Norah Clements, Carrie Chalmers, Margaret Eunson Front row, David Shearer Bob Fotheringhame, Hunter Ramage,Isba Lennie Eunice Ramage, William Work & Ernie Fiddler
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Picture added on 20 January 2009
Jim I note with interest the name Eunice and Hunter Ramage. Can you say where this name came from and did this family stay on Stronsay for any length of time.
Added by John Budge on 23 January 2009
Hi John, The Rev G G Ramage was minister here from the early thirties until about 1947, not sure of the exact dates. Eunice and Hunter were two of his bairns. We had a long spell of very stormy weather, I think it was in 1941 when the Nellie was lost, also a lot of damage on land. I apparently told Mrs Ramage that wir cocks hoose didno blow away for hid wis too full o dung.
Added by Jim Cooper on 25 January 2009
Believe Mary Hutchison 3rd row was my grandmother, who died November 2008(being married twice as Mary Parker and Mary Fergus - my grandfather Jimmy Fergus died a few years ago). Nanna beside her may well be her very close friend who we know as Nanno who has still survived her.
Added by Maggie Burns on 17 May 2009
Hunter and Eunice Ramage were my uncle and aunt respectively. My father (J Granville W Ramage) is their brother and is still alive - he is 90!
Added by Doug Ramage on 16 January 2010
Mary Hutchison did indeed marry Jimmy. He was my great uncle, my grandad Willie Fergus was his brother.
Added by Rosie Scollie on 11 February 2010
My word!! Hunter Ramage is my father.
He emigrated to South Africa in the 1960's
Added by Craig Ramage on 19 July 2010
I forgot to include my email address with my previous post...
Added by Craig Ramage on 30 September 2010
My mother Nanna Peace (nee Rendall)was very interested to read these comments. She knew the Ramage family well as she worked at the Manse in Stronsay 1936-1939. She is now 90 as well as Granville.
Added by Doris shearer on 26 October 2010
It is with great sadness that I and my sisters (Helen and Heather) have to announce the death of our father, Granville Ramage. He passed away, peacefully, last Friday 4 March 2011.
Added by Doug Ramage on 07 March 2011
Condolences to you and your family Doug
Added by Rosie Scollie on 08 March 2011
I'm amazed, I've never seen a picture of my grandfather Jim Burghes as a child. Thanks for this, I've been thinking about him a lot recently. He passed in 1976.
Added by Anya Burghes -White on 05 November 2012
My mother was Norah Coleman. I recognized her rigtht away. I am Wendy (Heald) Feldberg in Ottawa, Canada. I was born in Stromness. Just tonight I was telling my daughter and grandson about Bella Williamson and Jack Coleman,my grandparents. Sarah went home and found this page. Thank you so very much for putting this page together
Added by Wendy Feldberg on 28 February 2019
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