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Crowd on pier
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Crowd on pier

Crowd on pier at naming ceremony . Church choir on right
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Picture added on 16 December 2008
The woman in the centre foreground with the handbag on her lap appears to be my mother, Edith Johnstone, married to Daniel Fiddler Johnstone. However, I don't know anyone else in the photograph or the occasion. I would be very grateful for any information.
Added by Linda Holland (ms Johnstone) on 31 January 2009
From front left, man with the hat is Johnny Fiddler, then his wife Meg Fiddler nee Banks, then Agg Stout nee Burghes, then Bella Fotheringham nee Chalmers, whose grandmother was a Johnstone, then lady who may be Edith Johnstone, or Olive Chalmers nee Reid. The little girl is Margaret Reid, and then her mother Maggie Reid nee learmonth.
Added by Bill Miller on 03 February 2009
Ithink the lady with the handbag is Mrs Reid and her daughter Margaret alongside her. This was at the naming of the Stronsay lifeboat
Added by Jim Cooper on 03 February 2009
Not bad Bill. Now, who are in the second and third row? Is that my grandfather, Magnus Dennison, facing the camera in the third row?
Added by Keith Dennison on 22 March 2009
I think you are right there Keith, that is Magnus Dennison. The man behind him is Ted Clements and the man behind him looks like Bob Fotheringhame of Hescombe.
The women standing to the right of Jim Work and another lifeboat man are Maggie Of Oddie, Meg of Samsons, Jessie of Kirbuster, then unknown. Then John Chalmers of Yearnasetter, and David Bews from Huip.Then possibly Bill Peace.
Added by Bill Miller on 24 March 2009
Can anyone tell me when and where this was? Is it Stronsay? I am particularly interested in knowing more about Meg Fiddler.
Added by Jane Russell on 25 March 2009
Dont know who the man behind Magnus Dennison is but not Capt Clements. If you look at photo 15917 you will see him all dressed up in his uniform among the officials, unless he nipped home and did a quick change
Added by Jim Cooper on 25 March 2009
Hi Jane. It is the naming of the lifeboat, John Gellately Hyndman, at the "new" pier, Stronsay, August 1955.
Added by Keith Dennison on 25 March 2009
Sorry, that should have been picture #15977
Added by Jim Cooper on 25 March 2009
I'v only just found this site and I think the other lifeboat man is Jim Reid "Ping" the chap with the cap on is Willie Chalmers of Cumley Bank, then on his left I think that's Ann Peace Next to Jessie Stephenson is Beenie Fidler and Carrie Cooper nee Chalmers then Ali & John Chalmers. then behind the chap reading the programe is John Stephenson of Kirbister and next to him is Peter Rendall.I don't thik that that is Magnus Dennison I think it's Alfred Bews No doot somebody will tell different.
Added by Price Sinclair on 25 August 2009
I think the second lifeboat man is "Peeng" Jim Reid and the person on his right with the cap on is Willie Chalmers of Cumley Bank. Between him and his sister Meg is Ann Peace. On the left of Jessie Stevenson is Beena Chalmers nee Fiddler and then Carrie Cooper nee Chalmers. Then it's Ali Chalmers of Yearnasetter. Behind Dave Bews is Peter Stevenson (in the cap)and on his left is his son John Stevenson behind the person reading the programe, then it's Peter Rendall and the lady on Bob fotheringhams. Left is Jeenie Shearer of Park Cottage. I don't think that it is Magnus Dennison I think it's Alfred Bews of Cows House because I'm sure that is his wife Lizzie nee Cooper on his right.
Added by Pricie Sinclair on 26 August 2009
Yes, the wee girl in the front is me 'Margaret Fegan' nee Reid, I presented the bouquet to Mrs Grimond, wife of our then MP Jo Grimond - I am sitting between my mother Maggie Reid (in the white coat) and my sister Olive Chalmers nee Reid of Houseby.
Added by Margaret Fegan on 02 January 2010
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