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Seatter Farm basking in sunshine
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Seatter Farm basking in sunshine

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Picture added on 08 November 2008
Goodness! Where was this photo taken from?
Added by Barbara on 11 November 2008
Wow - this is great!! I lived in the big white farm house with my mum, dad and sister between the years of 1976 and 1981 when my dad (Colin Cuthbert) was the Farm Manager. Good times!!!!
Added by Alistair J Cuthbert on 16 January 2009
My family also lived here, but 100 years earlier! Peter Clark Sinclair and his wife Jacobina Dunnet and their children Barbara and James. Sadly, James apparently drowned somewhere on the farm when he was 3. Jacobina's brother William Dunnet leased the farm at this time, undoubtly do supply food for the Kirkwall Hotel, of which he was proprietor. I'd be interested in seeing other photos of this property.

Doug Sinclair
Added by Doug Sinclair on 08 April 2010
Never lived there but remember staying there on occasions with my Grandparents when I was peedie
Added by D. Sinclair on 09 April 2010
Regards to the Cuthberts. I think it was you, Alistair, who ran into the sea with all your clothes on at a Sunday School picnic. I also remember you spending a whole lesson underneath the table! (East Kirk)
Added by Barbara Johnston on 10 April 2010
Colin Cuthbert, was the tenant farmer for 6 years from 1976 till 1981 and the Sinclairs had owned the farm in the past. We built a 110 cow dairy and traded as Birley and Cuthbert. today I'm a prion and hospital chaplain and have a small farm near lanark. My wife May was a district nurse in Kirkwall.
Added by Colin Cuthbert on 10 May 2010
I lived at Seatter Farm from 1981 till 1989 with my Mum, Dad and brother. Dad (Brian Scott) was the Farm Manager back then for Brian Anderson in Shetland who owned it. It was a great place to grow up. I have very happy memories of growing up here.
Added by Ann Scott on 04 May 2020
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