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Harvest - Quoybanks
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Harvest - Quoybanks

Harvest at Quoybanks Farm. The date is a guess. The left hand house is Newerne, Holm Road. See also picture #6318 where this same gentleman appears.

[See also picture #12243 to see what is there now. Newerne in this picture is the house to the lower side of the Holm Road with what appears to be a black car passing it - Steven]
Picture added on 23 June 2008
I suspect that this is a J.W. Sinclair photograph.
Added by Sandy on 23 June 2008
Anyone know who farmed at Quoybanks? I take it the farm was still there in the late 1950's
Added by Dave Smith on 24 June 2008
In the 1901 Census Returns for Kirkwall & St Ola, James and Margaret Bichan were in the Farm of Qouybanks.
Added by Sandy on 26 June 2008
There were Ritchies at Quoybanks in the late 1920s, my mother is not sure when they moved there. Barbara Jean Ritchie (née Sclater) was my grandmother's first cousin.
Added by Jane Harris on 28 September 2011
I got this photo from my father a lot of years ago. I think he told me that the man in the photo was an uncle of mine who went to Canada and joined the RCMP.
Added by Sandy Windwick on 28 September 2011
My uncle in law was called Sandy Windwick and he went to Canada and ended up in the Toronto police.
Added by Fred Johnston on 29 September 2011
That could be the guy Fred. When my father and I cleared out Jessie Windwick's house in Bridge Street Wynd, after she died in 1967, we found a revolver in the attic, wrapped in greeseproof paper. My father reckoned Sandy Windwick had brought it into the country. My father took the weapon to the police station.
Added by Sandy Windwick on 30 September 2011
Sandy Windwick married my aunt Jessie Johnston from Brims. They went to Canada initally to look after Jessie's brother John Alec's children after their mother died whils't they were very young. Sandy and Jess had no children of their own.
Added by Fred Johnston on 16 October 2011
Was Jessie Windwick, with a house in Bridge Street Sandy's sister?

Can anyone enlighten me.

Added by Richard Johnston on 24 July 2012
Yes Fred, in the wee kloss behind Leonards. There is a great tale about this house clearance. I will phone you about it sometime.
Added by Sandy on 25 July 2012
The photograph must have been taken much earlier than 1930. The youngest boy who Jessie and Sandy went to Canada to look after was born in 1919 but I do not know how old he was when his mother died. It would have been in the early 1920's I think. Sandy was home with one of his grand nieces in the early 1970's and stayed with us in Helensburgh for a few days, after coming back from Orkney.
Added by Fred Johnston on 26 July 2012
To me he looks like Ed Hillary the mountaineer in the pictures you see of him from around 1953. Probably just the chin and the hair are similar.
Added by Jim Eunson on 26 July 2012
Hi I noticed I hadn't received a response on my earlier inquiry in 2012.." Was Jessie Windwick, with a house in Bridge Street Sandy's sister?

the question has returned to sort out as of late...is there anyone who can sort this out for me?

Added by Richard Johnston on 19 January 2015
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