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I think this Daimler car belonged to Sandy Heddle of the Queens Hotel. Its passenger was HM The Queen Mother, on her way to open the King George V Memorial Playing Field at Picky, which was scrapped to make way for the Sports Centre.
Picture added on 24 June 2008
I remember the playing field- we played almost every day in the summers of the sixties. When was the sports centre put up?
Added by Irene Eunson on 25 June 2008
The Sports and Leisure complex was officially opened by Princess Anne on 16th April, 1999.
Added by Sandy on 25 June 2008
The Daimler belonged to Davy Spence of the Royal Hotel. It was used for Royal visits, right enough.
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 27 June 2008
Bertha is correct. The Orkney Herald for August 14th, 1956, states that the Daimler car was the property of Mr D.G. Spence, Wideford Mains. The chauffeur was Mr Harry Marwick, Kirkwall Town Council excavator driver, who wore a blue uniform and leather gloves.
Added by Sandy on 04 July 2008
Yes, Davy Spence owned The Royal Hotel, Wideford Mains and various other properties as well at that time. His daughter owned the Albert Hotel.
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 05 July 2008
Sandy Heddle had a 'Bentley'
Added by Edwin Rendall on 10 July 2008
Oh how I wish i had put this photo in the bin. Does anyone know what kind of car the one in the photo is: Bentley or Daimler? Thanks anyway Edwin, and others.
Comments and corrections always welcome.
Added by Sandy on 11 July 2008
It is definitely the Daimler. I remember it well.
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 11 July 2008
I have a vague memory of being told that my father had to fit a new exhaust to that Daimler urgently before the royal visit, earning himself a chill in the kidneys by having to work on it on the slatted floor of the byre in which it was stored.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 12 July 2008
Sandy Heddle did indeed have a Bentley but that was quite a bit later - well into the 60s I'd say. He also had quite a collection of BS number plates on various vans & vauxhall victors relating to Thornbers chickens which his firm Heddle Hatcheries was agent for e.g. BS404, BS606. BS505 - Harry Kerr had some of these numbers on his yellow taxis in the late 70s
Added by Willie Mackay on 12 October 2008
Would I be right in saying this car is a Daimler DB-18. Cecil Walls, solicitor, had one
Added by Tom Scott on 13 October 2008
I may be wrong but I think Cecil walls' car was an Armstrong Siddley (cream colour)
Added by WillieMackay on 16 October 2008
A story about Dave Spence when in Aberdeen. Someone recognising his Orkney accent said, "Do you belong to Kirkwall". Davy replied, "You might say Kirkwall belongs to me"
Added by Tom Scott on 16 October 2008
I think this car looks more like a Daimler Conquest, which was a later model than the DB-18. I don't remember seeing Cecil Walls's car, but I've heard it said it was a Daimler. I did wonder if it was the one in picture #8374.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 17 October 2008
How true... No wonder then that at the time he occupied the then Royal Hotel, people referred to Kirkwall as "Royal David's City"!!
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 18 October 2008
A larger picture of this car can be seen at the Orkney Archives. Photo number whh-p133. Car reg was BS4533
Added by William Watters on 25 October 2008
My grand-father George Tait of Ingsay owned this car. It had a pre select gear change on the steering column.
Added by Ian Tait on 15 March 2009
Is it true the only wording on D. G. Spence's grave stone is Exspence?
Added by Ian Cameron on 09 October 2012
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