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De Haviland Dragon? at Wideford Airfield
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De Haviland Dragon? at Wideford Airfield

The photo was taken at Wideford airfield in 1938. Note, terminal 1 buildings behind the plane. My father, John Cameron is standing beside the aircraft. He wasn't a passenger, he just strolled over to have a look at this new mode of transport. My mother took the photo with her Kodak Box Brownie.

Try wandering out on the runway at Grimsetter for a photo "shoot" to-day and see how you get on!
Picture added on 13 May 2008
This aircraft is still in existence, in the Science Museum collection. I did a google for 'aircraft G-ACIT'.
Added by Erik Manson on 13 May 2008
My father owned G-ACIT between 1968 and 1971 then sold it to Southend museum. I have film of it flying from his farm and formation flying between two tiger moths, one of which he owned. G-ADIA now owned by my cousin Stuart Beaty. This tiger is known as the royal tiger as it was flown by the prince of wales in 1979.
Added by Marcel Beaty on 11 December 2008
Take a look at my picture #147. It may be the same Dragon and may even have been the same day.
Added by Tom Scott on 11 December 2008
Having pasted all three pictures, 147, 11384 and 15809 together on the desk top, I have come to the conclusion that they are all three different planes.
G-ACTI has a stripe down the fuselage and black engine nacelles, Jim Cooper's plane has a name on the nose absent from my photo 147 and the window frames are different.
Added by Tom Scott on 12 December 2008
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