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Added on 08 February 2017 at 23:21 by Steven Heddle
I'm delving into pictures that have been bulk uploaded in the past, that I've held back to avoid swamping you with images that are similar all at once. They don't show up in the thumbnails below, which is strictly chronological by the date the pictures were submitted - so you might not see them. But you will if you use the Latest Additions button.
Happy New Year!
Added on 01 January 2017 at 00:00 by Steven Heddle
A Happy New Year to you all. Contributions and comments welcome as we go into 2017, and far more regular updates of the Image Library. There's a resolution for you! Cheers Steven
Large pictures now back, and comments problem fixed!
Added on 18 January 2015 at 19:33 by Steven Heddle

The Large Pics facility on the Orkney Image Library of Orkneycommunities.co.uk has returned, and I am pleased to say can in some instances be applied retrospectively (approx 2 years back). Any favourites you want to see large, get in touch and I'll see what we've got on file.

Also there was a short-lived problem about a fortnight ago where comments were added to the wrong pictures. This should be fixed, but if you added a comment between a week and three weeks ago and it hasn't appeared, please add it again.

Return of the big pictures, and a bit more
Added on 05 December 2012 at 09:40 by Steven Heddle
The big pictures are on the way back. The ability to add big pictures was lost during some changes to the system earlier this year, as was the ability to view big versions of pictures that had been uploaded. The latter function has been restored, and in a way that should reduce our bandwidth requirements when checking for big versions, but for the time being you'll see a 'Check for big picture' link with each picture where the status of whether a big picture exists or not has not been checked. It's a crowdsourcing thing, like associating pictures with an area.

The ability to add new big pictures should be along again soon too, I hope, with a chunk of retrospective adding. If there are any particular big pictures you fancy, drop me a line at contact@orkneycommunities.co.uk.

Also... Note the embryonic 'Previous/Next' function on pictures, by popular request. This will take a bit of debugging, due to the different ways you can arrive at a picture viz. by chronology, area, contributor, group, album, random...

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