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Dave Dawson

Cliffs at Ham Geo, South Ronaldsay Cliffs at Ham Geo, South Ronaldsay, with visitors walking from the Tomb of the Eagles. August 2010.
Hesta Head, South Ronaldsay Hesta Head, South Ronaldsay, close to the final resting place of the 188 men from HMS Opal and Narbo...
Burnmouth (Rackwick Bothy) Burnmouth (Rackwick Bothy)- September 2nd 2010
Fallen headstone at kirkyard, Burwick. Fallen headstone at Old St. Mary's kirkyard, Burwick. I seem to recall some mention years ago about ...
Hackness Martello Tower Hackness Martello Tower. September 2nd 2010
The Architecture of Walls Hackness and Crockness Martello towers together with Cantick Head lighthouse. September 2nd 2010
Hoy High and Hoy Low Hoy High and Hoy Low - September 9th 2010
Hackness Battery Ref picture #24153 (Hackness Martello Tower) and to add to John's comment about the Battery (with Cr...
Hoy Head on the way out Referring to previous images (picture #8031, picture #1157 etc.); I happened to be in Irvine last we...
Hoy Head sunk at Irvine Another shot of the old Hoy Head' at Irvine, North Ayrshire taken on Sunday 15 May 2011. Sorry about...
UKBA cutter Sentinel UKBA (previously HM Customs) cutter 'Sentinel - Kirkwall Pier.
Islander Delta Victor over Inganess Beach Loganair BN2A Islander (Delta Victor)over Inganess Beach.

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