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Alistair Foden

Ben Barvis The wreck of the Ben Barvis as it is today (2009). Anyone know anything about it like when it was wr...
Le Grand Bleu Another pic of the current favourite of the image library, Le Grand Bleu taken just before she saile...
Scapa pier. Einar, Erlend, Harald, Scapa Pathfinder, Scapa Pioneer and the John Jolley all at Scapa pier.
Irene from the air. The remains of the Irene in April 09 taken from the air.
What is it? Who can guess what and where this is?
Earl Sigurd sunset. The Erl Sigurd looking unusually picturesque one evening in Kirkwall!
Grace Patterson Ritchie Grace Patterson Ritchie in the basin.
Le Grand Bleu Take II Le Grand Bleu again. This time the flag decided it would play ball.:)
Maylau Dragon Yes I know this wasn't taken in Orkney, but what does the dragon (the one at the back!) bare a strik...
TGB in the Scottish Maritime Museum TGB in the Scottish Maritime Museum 23/4/10
Old Hoy Head in desperate state The old Hoy head's luck seems to hace taken a turn for the worse. In a very sorry state in Irvine on...
CS Sovereign at anchor in Kirkwall bay CS Sovereign at anchor in Kirkwall bay

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