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Kirkwall Primary school, P4S 1973
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Kirkwall Primary school, P4S 1973

Mike writes:

Of somewhat more limited interest than the last, as there are (far) fewer subjects. I mean, how interesting can 4 boys making papier mache pigs be??

From left to right: Michael Dunster, Rognvald Burgess, John Antonio, Michael Harcus
Picture added on 22 September 2005
I have memories of a number of handicraft projects that we undertook in Kirkwall primary - there were a couple of weaving projects (a woven bag and a tea cosy), there was making a lamp by pasting sea-shells onto a bottle, there were the papier mache pigs (illustrated) and I think there might have been a sewing project or two (i remember and egg cosy).
Added by Mike Dunster on 27 September 2005
A good photo just goes to show I did have hair once. I remember making these pigs they were used as banks but i never got mine filled with much money, also mind the shells stuck on a bottle and a light fitting in the top. I used mine as a bedside light for years. Good times.
Added by Mick Harcus on 01 November 2008
It's the trouble with pictures from the past - you see all the things that have changed, good and bad. I once had hair or (in my case) I once had a very dodgy haircut, I was once able to see my toes without bending at the middle...
There was a definite Dr Frankenstein moment with those seashell bottle lamps, when you switch it on it actually works... Less so with the pig.
Added by Mike Dunster on 04 November 2008
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