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AIS map for the Orkney area
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AIS map for the Orkney area

You've probably seen this already- it's the ship Automatic Identification System plot displayed online for our area: click here for live data.

It shows what shipping is on the go, to where, how fast etc.

The local data is provided from Graemsay (www.graemsay.org.uk) with clickable links for more info about the ships.

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Picture added on 10 March 2008
Shipais.com is now offline
Added by Peter on 28 June 2009
I still have the site, it has been updated,
Added by Ootanaboot on 29 June 2009
It's back again, they must have been upgrading it.
Added by In a Storm on 29 June 2009
Its no off line, but it has changed, and not for the better in my opinion.
Added by Alastair on 29 June 2009
You should try this site for your ais data
Anonymous comment added on 30 June 2009
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