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Papdale Primary - Class 5 Sweyn?
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Papdale Primary - Class 5 Sweyn?

Prior to this classes were divided on age basis, "A" being eldest etc, etc. This class picture does not include people like Carol Borwick, Harold Kirkness, Kenny Wylie, Catherine Craigie and Peter Horne who all were similar age to myself. (December/January birthday) Leave someone else to add all the names and perhaps a more accurate date.
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Picture added on 16 February 2008
Could be 1967.
Back Row: Michael Findlay, Alistair Church, Norman Garrioch, Andrew Whyte, Erlend Grieve, Ian Hutcheon, David Wylie, Robbie Rendall, George Mowat, Robin Sinclair.
Middle Row:Grant Leonard, Stanley Moar, Alison Shearer, Janice Gray, Norma Sinclair, Ann Anderson, Marlene Cursiter, Caroline Wood, Raymond Grieve, Brian Barnett, Keith Rendall.
Seated: Lilian Johnston, Margaret Irvine, Jane Shearer, Helen Nicholson, Isobel Petrie, Marianne ?, Linda Work, Wendy Budge, Pamela Drever.

Anonymous comment added on 19 February 2008
Missing name on front row is Marianne Wylie. Don't think thats Alison Shearer I think it's Wendy Russell. Now you've got me, Jane Shearer - who is she? Sorry Jane if your reading this but can't remember any Jane Shearer. Teacher? My guess is Susie Gilbertson.
Added by Raymond Grieve on 19 February 2008
It is indeed Jane Shearer, my cousin, also cousin to Alison Shearer.
Added by J G Shearer on 20 February 2008
That's definitely not Susie Gilbertson. Looks more like Ann Watson.
Added by Fred Grieve on 28 February 2008
Could have been 1967 or 1968, and is definately not P5, as our photo for shows our teacher as Miss Bews, and she was our teacher in P6. Dont remember that teacher, but it is not Susie Gilbertson.
Added by Alastair on 29 February 2008
Alastair - seem to think my teacher in P6 and P7 was Belle Muir (now Mrs Belle Drever), therefore picture could be P5 or early P6 as I had Mrs Burgess in P4 and Miss Foubister in P3. However could have had more than one teacher over a year - ill health, staff leaving etc. Agree teacher isn't Susie Gilbertson.
Added by Raymond Grieve on 01 March 2008
See picture #2393, some of the pupils in that class picture are also in this class. That would appear to support that this is a "mixed" class, it could be P6-P7 when "house" classes were introduced. Seem to think my teacher in P5 was Joey Harcus later Mrs Tait.
Added by Raymond Grieve on 08 March 2008
Fred Grieve is absolutely right. The teacher definitely is Ann Watson, my ex-sister-in-law not her cousin Joey Rait nee Harcus.
Added by Janet McClelland on 31 July 2009
Yes its Ann Watson sister of the late Stuart Watson.
Added by M. Gibson on 31 July 2009
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