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Inside Kirkwall Power Station
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Inside Kirkwall Power Station

The power station used to be a fascinating place to visit, and a hive of activity, but unpleasantly noisy. It'll look a bit bare in there now, as a lot of the generating sets have been removed. Of the rest I am unsure as to whether they are mothballed now, or still turned over periodically. In the time just after the power cable to Scotland arrived you did hear the power station starting up whenever there were power cuts, and no matter where you were in Kirkwall, this was something that you would hear.

When I was in Shetland I was amused to notice that their power station was not the same but an almost exact mirror image of our own.

When was the last time that Kirkwall power station ran?

Date is an estimate.

Picture added on 13 June 2005
When was the last time it ran? Tonight, 23/11/05!
Added by geordie flett on 23 November 2005
I commissioned the Pressmain pressurisation set ,that controlled the expansion and contraction of the hot water jackets fitted to the generators. 1987. 3 flights from Manchester. Lovely people. Hydro electric board
Added by John Hunt on 22 April 2022
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