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1st Kirkwall Lifeboy Football Team
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1st Kirkwall Lifeboy Football Team

This picture is from the same era as Alan's picture #2246 and may be also of some interest.

Unfortunately, having lost the list of names,I can only name the names of the three officers, from left to right, with any accuracy.
Lieut. Stevie Brodie, Capt.William(Bill)Burges, and Lieut. David Logie.

Perhaps if Dan(Grieve)or Vinnie(Linklater) see this ,they can give us the rest of the names.
Failing that,I will give a "stab" at a few more names at a later date.
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Picture added on 23 January 2008
The goalie is Doey Craigie and on his left is John Donaldson. Dan is on Capt. Burgess's left and am I right in saying it is Vinnie on his right?
Added by B.Moar on 25 January 2008
I think Vinnie is 1st left on front row. I think it is Vinnie's brother Harold on the left of Bill Burges as you look at picture.
Added by Raymond Grieve on 26 January 2008
On the goalies right hand side looks very like the late David Kemp formerly an accountant with Foubister and Bain.
Added by Whassigo on 28 January 2008
See what your getting at Whassigo, but David was a small light built man. In the picture compare him with Doey and John Donaldson and that lad looks similar in size. I would guess that's not David Kemp. Anyone come up with all the names yet?
Added by Raymond Grieve on 29 January 2008
Surprise, surprise-I have found the aforementioned "missing" list of names which I compiled some years ago.
Back row of four lads:- from left to right:-
David Flett, Harold Linklater, Dan Grieve, Syd Laughton.
Front row:- from left to right:-
Vincent Linklater, Jim Monkman, Bertie Craigie, George(Doey)Craigie, Ronnie Park, Rognvald Kemp, Jim Stephen.
I have to say that these were the names given to me after making several different enquiries around Kirkwall and I am bound to say that the lad third from the right (front row) is more like John Donaldson in my opinion.
I hope someone can prove me right or wrong!
Peter Burges.
Added by Peter Burges on 30 January 2008
In my previous comment I omitted to say that the picture was taken at the Stromness Football Pavilion during the season 1933-1934, and was the first ever competition between Kirkwall and Stromness teams of The Life Boys.
Unfortunately I have no idea of the score.
Picture by James W Sinclair.
Peter Burges.
Added by Peter Burges on 30 January 2008
Could he be a relation of Dave Kemp's wife. Very like his daughters.
Added by William Watters on 30 January 2008
I may be wrong but I think Margo Kemp is fae sooth.
Added by Raymond Grieve on 31 January 2008
Just a thought.
Added by William Watters on 01 February 2008
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