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Inside the Tankerness Mill
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Inside the Tankerness Mill

Before the new owners started doing up the mill, Willie recorded how it was inside. Despite being unused for more that 30 years it was dry and free from bird droppings, and some vintage posters remained on the walls.

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Picture added on 30 May 2005
Jock o' the mill and his wife Mymie were very dear, friendly, and helpful. Out at the door for a blether when you went past. Mymie dished up the dinners at the Tankerness school when Kenneth (my brother) and me were going. Good homely fare, mince, stew, stovies etc. Pudding was custard, semolina, chocolate sponge, pears & shortbread etc. Great days we had there.
Added by Morag Shearer on 13 March 2010
Mymie was Jock's sister not his wife. I mind them both fine
Added by Alison Bruce on 16 October 2010
Was that Jock and Mymie Foubister ?
Added by Keith Dempsey on 20 October 2010
Jock & Mymie were Linklater to name
Anonymous comment added on 23 October 2010
No their surname was Linklater I think. Always known as Jock o the Mill and Mymie o the Mill.
Jock and Mymie Foubister lived in Holm.
Added by Alison Bruce on 24 October 2010
I've just come across this. There were 14 in the family. The milling went back to at least a previous generation of Linklaters in the west mainland.There were 9 girls and 5 boys:- Maggiejean, Maryellen, Charlotte, Lily, Dorothea, Bella, Jessie, Mimie and Violet; the boys were Alfie, Jimmock, Robert, Ali and Jock. I don't know the order in which they were born.It was David Shearer (eldest son of Dorothea) who had the mill prior to its development into what it is today. My sons are also descended from Dorothea. She was their grandmother.
Added by Myra Shearer. on 08 September 2014
Sorry, Myra. wrong mill, you are thinking Sebay mill. Davie had that, this is the Tankerness mill and Jock was the last occupant.
Added by W Watters on 14 September 2014
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