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Cathedral Organ Specification (1)
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Cathedral Organ Specification (1)

From the programme for the Inaugural Recital of St Magnus Cathedral organ in 1926. See also Cathedral Organ Specification (2)
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Picture added on 09 January 2008
The proposal to put the organ where it is aroused some opposition. The Orkney Herald of 3rd December 1924 reports a meeting of Orkney Antiquarian Society where the solicitor and County Clerk Duncan J Robertson railed against this "desecration of the Cathedral". He said, "We are simply turning the Cathedral into an advertising place for this man's organ." These views were not however shared by other members of the Society such as Hugh Marwick and John Mooney and no further action was taken.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 09 January 2008
It would have made more sense to have had the organ built like most other cathedral/church organs - off the ground, instead of the sound just lingering about the crossing it might have travelled a bit.

Its a shame really - the cathedral organ has some nice tones, but only really noticeable if you're standing relatively close to it - or indeed playing it.

However I'm sure there was a reason for putting it in a box on the floor.
Added by Steven Flett on 08 November 2011
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