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Old boat on Flotta
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Old boat on Flotta

Craig writes:
'These two pictures were taken on Flotta in July 2001 with a very basic (and not very good quality) digital camera- not sure how well they will come up or even if they will be usable.

One is the remains of the old cinema, [picture #687] used during the war, the other is the remains of an old boat which is beached on the shore down from the council houses at Burnside,a short distance along from Pan Hope pier.

I grew up in Flotta and would love to know any details about the boat, as we used to play on it as kids,and I have no idea what it was or how it ended up there.'
Picture added on 13 April 2005
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I was born in Flotta and also played on or in the old shell. She was a Pirate ship/ a China tea clipper / a rescue ship / a landing craft, ready to beach on North African shores or at Normandy, on and on she fitted into our imagination.
Now as for history or name, I have long forgotten. I think she was a small drifter, but could also have been on of them old pickite boats which was used as shops in the late 1800's -early 1900's I can't remember what her stern looked like . It may have been of a Fifie or Firthie style. She was bought by Robert Rosie of "Saraquoy" and maybe Willie Sytherland of Avel, below whose land she was beached. Robert Rosie was stripping her planks and re-sawing them for fence posts etc.. There was a lot more of her there when I used to swing out between her timmers with a wooden rifle in my arms, then wed ashore You had to get wet if you were coming from a real landing craft.. Thanks for the memories, Craig .. The last I was there by that old shell was waiting for a spoot-ebb in 1949
Added by John Simpson on 10 January 2007
Hey, I visited Flotta as a young boy to see our family croft "Garson" before it was demolished to make way for the oil terminal. I have looked and searched for hours for a picture of that croft. Anyone have anything in their collection I would love to see.
Added by Stuart Flett on 28 May 2007
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