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Sunday School Party, Rendall, 1929
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Sunday School Party, Rendall, 1929

We've been able to put names to several people in this picture. We're guessing that the date is 1929 based on people we know but it will be within a year or so either way.
The three ladies on the left are, from top to bottom, Annie Garrioch, Dolly Dickson and Mima Rendall.
The adults in the second row from the front are, left to right, Willie or John Muir, Willie Sinclair playing the box, Mrs Smith the minister's wife and their son Alec(?), Rev. Mr Smith and Joseph Wood.
Just behind Joseph's right shoulder is Miss Forbes, one of the teachers, and another teacher is just behind Mr Muir's left shoulder.
Boys sitting along the front are (l-r), Billy Donaldson, John George Balfour, John Charles Fraser, ? Yorston, ?, William Hourston, ?, ?.
Girls along the top row (l-r) are Elsie Kent, Dolly Kent, ?, Maggie Jean Donaldson, Jessie MacKay, Katy Kent, Mary Sinclair, Elsie Yorston, Mary or Edith Scott, Eva Dickson, Mable Brass, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jean Muir.
A few others we can name are Lillian Dickson directly behind Mr Muir, Edith MacKay peeping round from behind Willie Sinclair, with Peggy MacKay directly behind her. The girl with the white dress alongside the baby is Ella Muir and the girl to the right of Mrs Smith is Lena Sinclair and to Mrs Smith's left is Vida Fraser. The girl second from the left in the second row from the back is Agnes Hourie and her sister Laura Hourie is just in front of Eva Dickson and Mable Brass. Jackie Yorston is just in front of Laura. Ned Seatter is two along from Agnes Hourie and Robbie Linklater is the wee lad just in front of Jessie Mackay.
Can anyone else add any more names?
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Picture added on 16 December 2007
The Vida Fraser mentioned went on to marry John Rendall, They had 7 of a family between 1947 - 1960, they moved to Turriff in 1961. Vida sadly died in 2006.
Anonymous comment added on 20 March 2009
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