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Broch of Borwick today
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Broch of Borwick today

Taken today, Sunday 20th March 2005. It's remarkable how you can see the curvature of the earth on the Atlantic horizon.

Or it may be because this is stitched together from three separate pictures.

See picture #655 for directions.
Picture added on 20 March 2005
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Broch of Borwick
Known locally as the Pict's hoose. The point in the background was good for catching sillocks and cuithes. These were gutted, salted, tied in pairs and wind dried. They were then heated till the skin cracked. A favourite winter delicacy.
Added by John Corall on 27 September 2005
I wonder if my family name comes from here?
i'm the grandson of adam borwick, a locomotive driver from edinburgh.
Added by David Borwick on 03 January 2006
Just come across your question David, 6 yrs late. I'm no authority (must get my disclaimer in early) but it seems most of the Orkney Borwick surnames are indeed derived from this district. It is pronounced as written, ie the w is sounded - unlike the town of Berwick, or indeed Orkney's own Burwick.
However, there used to be a popular tinned baking powder called Borwick's, in which the w was silent. I'm not aware of any connection between that firm and Orkney, though oddly enough their main works in Croydon, Surrey, was in Franklin Road - same name as the Stromness road I live in now.
A clue to the origin of your name might possibly be gained from whether you pronounce the w: Bor-wick or Borrick? In the Edinburgh area, Borthwick is probably a commoner name, and names do tend to alter over time. Isn't genealogy exciting? No?
Added by Ian Hourston on 02 March 2012
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