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Kitchener Memorial
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Kitchener Memorial

A Tom Kent picture of the whole structure, I think looking from the seaward side. I would heve kept the door away from the sea myself, unless there is some symbolic reason for it facing the sea.

Talking of which- has anyone ever been through that door? Can you get to the top? Who looks after the memorial? Surely a trip to the top would be an excellent thing for a Doors Open Day?
Picture added on 17 March 2005
The memory of Lord Kitchener is preserved through the activities of the Kitchener Scholars Association. For further details see www.kitchenerscholars.org
Added by Jonathan Price on 27 April 2005
I believe the door is now "bricked up" as birds used to frequent the monument and cause quite a mess.
Added by Donald Sinclair on 04 May 2005
Are there any pictures of the inside does it have a roof?.Any stairs? I can find no information on this.
Added by Graham Baker on 13 April 2013
There were no stairs, just a concrete slab roof making it an ideal roost for birds and their associated mess so the door was built up during the sixties at a guess.
Added by Tommy Matches on 15 April 2013
Thanks for that info. so it was hollow inside and with no windows that I can see it must of been pretty dark inside?

[If you go onto Google Maps (see http://goo.gl/maps/Ps1hI) you can see there is a floor/roof below the battlements, presumably at the same height as the gargoyle thing sticking out of the side - Steven]
Added by Graham Baker on 17 April 2013
The "gargoyle thing" drains the rainwater off the roof so would be at the top level of the roof slab. As a peedie boy I was in there now and again and it was indeed a dark and smelly space.
Added by Tommy Matches on 18 April 2013
Thank you I am now building up a picture of the monument, I will take a look on my next visit to Orkney in a couple of weeks.
Added by Graham Baker on 23 April 2013
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