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Kirkwall Primary School
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Kirkwall Primary School

Can you spot any familiar faces in this photo!!
Picture added on 17 December 2003
Maurice Scollay (with the big grin) is No 14 from the right in the front row
Anonymous comment added on 17 December 2003
I think lynn vesco is 2nd standing in front line, then karen tinch, ?, ruth stephen. The line behind shows parrot, ?, elspeth bain, ?, pari mehrabi.
Added by Moira Cross (nee Linklater) on 03 February 2004
Yes thats me! second in front line, Carole Spence (?) in front, behind Karen there is Jacqueline Moodie, Ruth, Michelle Donaldson, Muriel Shearer, ? sorry, Lynn Wylie, little Gillian, big Gilliam, Lorraine Cummings, Maurice (loved his rabbits as I mind!) and the rest, back to the 6th lad: Ivan, my first boyfriend, who swore he'd tell my mum I was going out with him if I didnt give him a bit of chewing gum. A the innocence of youth.
Added by Lynn Vesco on 11 March 2004
Behind Maurice is Tony Robson, Graham Walker, James Johnston, Leslie Millar, Ivan Russell, Edgar Gibson, possibly Alistair Millar, Gary Scollie, John Corse, Joe Duncan, possibly John Roberstson
Added by Maurice Scollay on 16 May 2004
Nope thats Stewart Chalmers and after Parrot is Eoin Learmonth, Elspeth Bain, Rosemary leonard, Pari Mehrabi, Jennifer Smith (not sure about that one) Lizzie Leonard, Janice Gray, Maureen Petrie Kate Drever, Rosella Linklater, Heather Gorn, Stewart Walls, ?, Norman peace, Ivan stevenson, John Firth, David Drever, Kerry Donaldson, ? and I think I am the one with the hand in front of my face
Added by Neil Thain on 13 September 2004
The girl in front of me, almost out of shot, is Karen Archibald who left in P7 I think. The girl behind Muriel Shearer is Deirdre Harcus.
Added by Carol Bond (nee Spence) on 28 September 2004 on 28 September 2004
I was doing a google search of my family name when this site came up. I was delighted to see the harcus name mentioned in relation to orkney and am assuming it is the orkney near scotland. I am told that my family name "harcus" originates in the orkney islands off scotland. I would love to know more about this area so if someone would like to eamil me back perhaps we could establish a link. I was born in and live in south australia. the first one of my line to come out here came by boat and his name was william harcus. he was a reverand and studied at a yorkshire theologian college before coming out here. I look forward to hearing from someone about this.
Added by Carol Harcus on 08 December 2004
Amazing what you come across on the internet!! I think I can see Michael Gray in the front line behind John Corse. At the end of "Einar" behind Neil is that Shirley Rosie, Colin Kirkpatrick and Kevin Rorie? I can see Marion Donaldson, Rowena Macdonald-Young and Caroling Dalziel in Magnus. I think that is Ali Leonard (Kemp) further back too! 31 years ago - scary or what!!

Added by karen tinch (watson) on 09 November 2005

My name is Lynn Moodie of Zimbabwe. Our family were originally from the Orkney Islands, Melsetter. I am sure we are related to the Moodie in the picture.

Best Regards

Added by Lynn Moodie on 29 November 2005
I had a look at this photo in some more detail last night, and realised that there were some familiar faces (depending when the picture was taken, from either 4s or 5s) in the back row. I can certainly make out leslie burgher and susan guthrie.
Added by Mike Dunster on 02 December 2005
Hi, i am Jose Merchan from Seville, Spain. It was funny to find references of Lynn Moodie. In fact, my wife�s name is Lynn Moodie. I believe her family�s ancestors came from the Orkneys. She grew up in Malawi and then went to boarding school in Edinburgh. Then, after University in Aberdeen, came to Spain.

Best regards to everyone, and happy Xmas.
Added by Jose Merchan on 21 December 2005
Hi Sylvia, you will see in my paragraph that I had a question mark for Lynn. I think I am 2 o'clock from Stewart Chalmers, right at the back.
Added by Neil on 04 January 2006
The person who is behind Kerry Donaldson is Lynn Moar (now Oag) not Neil Thain
Added by Sylvia Moar on 04 January 2006
Second row from the back is my class with Bryan Clark in front (tongue out!), Judith Allen, Derek Linklater, myself, Anne Shearer, Inga Brown, Peter Kirkpatrick, then I'm affraid it's a bit of a muddle. This photo still hangs in the Papdale Primary School corridor. Good memories. Allison (Alli) Kemp (nee Leonard).
Added by Alli on 06 February 2006

Could anyone tell me the whereabouts of Lynn Vesco now? I went to telford college in edinburgh with her for two years from 1979 to 1981.

Many thanks.
Added by philip paterson on 23 May 2006
Behind me in the front row is John Corse, Micheal Gray, Joe Duncan and Stuart Chalmers. I think the girl behind Alan Garrioch(parrot) is Marion Donaldson now Tait, good to see some forgotten faces
Added by Gary scollie on 22 June 2006
Hi I am Nicola Berston just been looking at the photo and was so amazed to see my brother in this photo. He is Stewart Walls. He no longer lives here, he lives in Edinburgh and I miss him a lot, was so great to see him here.
Added by Nicola Berston on 16 March 2007
Hi All
My parents, Les & Bob Moodie are touring Orkney in August 2007 and would love to see the old Moodie residence. Does anyone have any information that could help with the whereabouts.
Many thanks

Added by Lynn Moodie on 19 March 2007
hey, 2nd in is Karen Tinch because we have that photo at home. She is my mother!
Added by Oliver Watson on 12 May 2007
There are 2 old Moodie residences on Hoy and South Walls the oldest is Snellster and the biggest is Melsetter. Both have holiday accomodation if required. Snelsetter is supposed to have a body buried in the old mill of a maid murdered by one of the Moodie wifes out of jealousy. Folklore or truth I do not know. Adds a bit of spice to the history though.
Added by Shauna Moodie on 20 July 2007
Thanks Shauna
Will definitely get them to visit when they are there in August!
Warm Regards
Added by Lynn Moodie on 23 July 2007
this photo must have been taken in early spring of 74 because i left orkney the day my class started at the K, G, S after the summer holidays. Also had no problem spotting myself even after all this time, dont regret living down here but love to visit family at home.
Added by Stewart Walls on 14 November 2007
I have possibly found some relatives of mine through the photo, I wont mention any names but I hope they do contact me, would be nice if they could give me any information.
Added by Brian Riley on 10 December 2007
This is weird
It does look like me, but it can't be 1974 - as I had gone to Oban by then
Am coming up to Kirkwall next week with old school photos so look out Neil, Alan, Elspeth, Lizzie, Pari et al
Added by Jennifer Smith on 09 July 2012
Great to see this; I'm sure I still have a copy of the photo, somewhere.
Added by Graham Walker on 31 July 2012
Elsie Seatter who now lives in Melsetter house has a great deal of information on the house and on the Moodie lairds who lived there. She would be worth getting in contact with, for anyone wishing to visit Melsetter.
The accomodation at Snelsetter is first class.
Added by Fred Johnston on 01 August 2012
Can someone tell me what one is Rosella Linklater? She was my mum who passed in 2006.
Added by Megan Leslie on 29 June 2015
Hi Megan, my name is jennifer and I was in the same class as your mum. Rosella is the blond haired girl in the light coloured jumper, 11th back in the second line.
Added by Jennifer Ferguson on 08 July 2015
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