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Philosophical question
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Philosophical question

Here we find enshrined the philosophical question, Archaeological Site or Ruckle of Stones?

Either way I suspect evidence of ritual practice.

Craig writes:
'This was a picture I took on a bank up from cliffs along from Warbeth beach in October 2003 .

I know nothing about archaeology and had forgotten I had taken this picture, maybe someone out there knows if it could be something of importance or just a ruckle o 'stones ? It caught my eye because of the way the stones seem to be built up at the sides,but maybe its nothing...'
Picture added on 10 March 2005
There's a lot of remains around Warebeth, which was the site of an Iron Age broch. I can't tell exactly where this is from the picture but it looks very much like exposed coastal archaeology.
Added by Sigurd Towrie on 10 March 2005
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