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Bridge Street
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Bridge Street

Craig writes:
"Bridge Street (undated). Some of the shop signs I can make out: one is Corsies Temperance Hotel; the others I cant make out names but the shop to the left says Bakers, and the one on the right which is now the chip shop reads ironmonger, grocer and wine merchants."
Picture added on 22 February 2005
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The shop on the right was my grandfathers, John Scott. The store relocated to 17 Bridge Street and is now owned by Robert Miller, but still carries his name - John Scott & Miller
Added by Meridith Scott Keyes on 20 May 2005
Hi, My Grandfather, David Sinclair, originally from the Quoys, Holm, had the Watchmaker and Jewellers shop at number 30, now Sheila Fleet. Has anyone seen a frontage shot of the no. 30 shop 1901 to 1903? I think Jimmy Sinclair, the photographer, was there earlier selling Gramophones and needles and also a dry cleaners and i think financial services / insurance agent, probably Alastair Macleod.
Regards, Gordon.
Added by Gordon J. Sinclair on 10 February 2007

Can you explain to me - what was Corsies Temperance Hotel? Just a place where no drink was allowed or did it have other significance?


Added by Lyn Thornton on 03 September 2008
It was a Lodging House Lyn, or if you like, what we now call a B & B.
If what I can remember from stories, I dont think "drink" would have been allowed, hence the name.
Anonymous comment added on 05 September 2008
Hmm - our g g grandfather died there in Corsies Temperance Hotel in 1900. Must have been TT!! Dont know what happened to his body, he was on holiday from South Shields but cant find his grave there. Maybe they just buried him in Kirkwall. Quite interesting to have this photo - it gives more meaning to the place of death on the certificate. Many thanks Lyn
Added by Lyn Thornton on 05 September 2008
See another photo looking down Bridge Street, Lyn, picture #420.
If this event took place there as you say, surely it would be possible to trace by contacting Orkney Archives.
Just a thought.
Peter Burges.
Added by Peter Burges on 08 September 2008
Hi Peter
Yes - I already have the death certificate and he died on 6 September 1900 at 5.30am at Corries Temperence Hotel, Kirkwall. Cause of death: haemorrhage in the brain 7 days. It is what happened to him after that I am wondering about. I shall try Orkney Archives. Many thanks for the other photo
Added by Lyn Thornton on 08 September 2008
If you have no luck with the Orkney archives Lyn I can perhaps find out something for you in the Orkney Family History Office. I am one of the volunteers. We would need to know his name. Ian
Added by Ian Cameron on 09 September 2008
That would be brilliant Ian. His name was John Edward Nesbitt. He had been living in China for about 25 years working on the boats taking goods from Shanghai to Japan. He actually lived in Fouchow, China. His son (who registered the death) lived in South Shields but how John Edward Nesbitt came to be in Kirkwall I have no idea. I dont know if he had a connection there, was trying to get some business, or just visiting for a nice holiday. He was 68 years old so maybe had come back to England for a holiday - he was well settled in China/Japan but my history about the uprising out there and dates are a bit hazy so maybe he had decided to relocate.
Many thanks Lyn
Added by Lyn Thornton on 10 September 2008
Hi, from Australia. Re Corsies Temperance Hotel. Family research shows that it was previously called Currie's Temperance hotel and was run by my great grandmother Mina Currie from 1896 - 1898. Records show that this information was gleemed from a small book called Peace's Almanac. Mina was born in Stronsay, and after quite some time in Edinburgh moved to Kirkwall with her husband and daughter. Do you have any more information about the hotel? Did it become Corsies after my great grandmother left it? Any information to add to our story would be greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you exactly when she was born. I don't think her birth was registered. It is knowhere to be found on OFHS.
Many thanks,
Pat Stearn
Added by Pat Stearn on 12 November 2021
That is interesting. If you see from my posting above in 2008 our g g grandfather dies there. His sister was married to a man (David from memory) Curry!! Lyn
Added by Lyn Thornton on 30 November 2021
Hello Pat
There is a Mina Currie on the 1891 census living in Kirkwall and married to a William Currie.They have children Mary H aged 9; Mina aged 6 and John 2. The address is Nicholson Street, Kirkwall
Added by Lyn Thornton on 30 November 2021
@Lyn Thornton, yes, they were my great grandparents.
Added by Pat Stearn on 05 December 2021
Lynn, I don't know if you have managed to find your Great-great grandfather's grave but I have had a look at the Orkney Family History Society website and I see that he was buried in St Magnus Kirkyard, Kirkwall.
Added by Bruce Gorie on 11 June 2023
Without further digging, I can't give a date but it must have been after 1890 as the building on the right hand foreground is the Kirkwall Hotel which opened that year.
Added by Bruce Gorie on 11 June 2023
Yes, thank you. We actually came up to Orkney and found the grave. Just cannot work out who arranged it all. Lyn
Added by Lyn on 23 June 2023
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