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Albert Street again
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Albert Street again

An excellent Tom Kent picture, date again estimated.

This shows an area of Albert Street that is being developed just now, and had already changed a bit since then. Next to Mounthoolie Lane (signed as Albert Lane here) we have a Victualling House and a shop where I think the sign says Shearer and Sclater. These became John Sclater the drapers, and latterly Mackays. Next to that is James F Flett, tobaccanist and something else I can't make out, which became Peter C Flett's, P.C. Flett's, then part of Cumming and Spence's. Soon to be something else. Where Cumming and Spence's always was in my memories stands W Bews, grocer.
Picture added on 10 February 2005
I think this picture long predates 1920. William Bews died in 1901 and the business is not listed in Peace's Almanac trades directory after 1902. James ferguson Flett died 31/12/1900 and his youngest son Peter Copland Flett changed the name to P.C.Flett in 1902 according to the Almanac. P.C.Flett was provost of Kirkwall 1940 - 47 and died in 1960

[Date now changed to 1900 from 1920 - Steven]
Added by David Partner on 22 April 2015
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