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1955 County Football Team
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1955 County Football Team

I think this is the Orkney County Football team from 1955.
The photo was teen by JW Sinclair at the Bignold Park.
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Picture added on 31 October 2007
Orkney 3 Shetland 2. The nineteen fifties were good for Orkney we used to win most of the games.
Anonymous comment added on 01 November 2007
I will try to name a few of these players start on the front row:..?... ...?...Jim Dook, Dave o Fox, Russell Groundwater, ..... Hutchison, Ronnie Wilson,
Back row;.... Gordan, ...?.. ...?..., Philip Stout, ...?.. ...?..., Keeper?....Stout, Charlie Clouston, Jim china Merriman.
hopefully these are correct? can anyone fill in the unknowns?
Added by Dougie on 01 November 2007
Front left Dave Keldie, back left Doctor Gordon and back right Jim Bews
Added by David Tullock on 02 November 2007
I think the big man in the suit could be Bill Barrack, president of the then OFA. Below him is Davie Keldie. possibly first reserve (n0 subs in those days though!) The balding lad at the back is ? Pottinger of St Andrews, a full-back of redoubt. Keeper is Alistair, Hasta, Smith. Linesman is Jim Bews who'd spparently put on a few pounds since his Parish Cup-winning days only a few years earlier with Shapinsay.
Added by Sumteeik on 02 November 2007
Dr J B Gordon (President) Leslie Flett, Philip Stout, Robbie Pottinger, Alistair Smith, Charlie Clouston, Jim Merriman, Jim Bews (Linesman)
Dave Keldie (Trainer), Jim Donaldson, Davie Fox, Russell Groundwater, Bobby Hutchison, Ronnie Wilson
Anonymous comment added on 02 November 2007
The programme for this match listed Willie Spence from Dounby as outside left. He must have been replaced by another Dounby player, Bobby Hutchison, who isn't mentioned in the team line-up in the programme. I have BH pencilled in above the right half, Jim Merriman. Did Jim then replace Willie on the left wing?
Added by Harold Esson on 03 November 2007
Jim Merriman(China), was my dad's (Gilbert Walls Adamson) best pal. My dad was best man at his wedding to Iris Marwick. They met up again when we went up in 1991. This was the first time my dad had been back home since his dad's (George Moar Borwick Adamson)funeral in 1956. Jim was the father-in-law of my second cousin once removed as we share James Stensgarth, born 1772. As it turns out Jim and my dad were not only best pals but related to each other, unfortunately they never knew this.
Added by Keith Adamson on 30 October 2010
The late Jim Merriman was in the class behind me at school and was called 'China' even then. I never knew the origin of his nickname (though I have a rather unconvincing theory). Does anyone know?
Added by Ian Hourston on 02 November 2010
Hi Ian,

Just received this information from Jim Merriman's grandfather's second cousin's granddaughter Viola (Ola) Adamson, (hope you follow that).

Jim Merriman was called "China" because of his susceptibility to getting hurt or injured as a child. Whether it was just playing about as a boy and breaking his finger, hand or arm, etc or whilst playing football and breaking his foot, ankle, leg, etc.

As China Porcelain has the properties of being brittle, frail, delicate and fragile this was how Jim got his nickname.

Is this the same as your theory?
Added by Keith Adamson on 11 December 2010
Not even close, Keith. Never realised 'China' was that fragile.
Added by Ian Hourston on 13 December 2010
Came across the Orkney site by chance, and spotted a picture of the football team. I saw a face I new. It was Jim Merriman. I live at the the other end of the country at Worthing Sussex.I did my national service with Jim in Germany,and im sorry to hear that Jim is no longer with us. Such a good mate of mine back in those days in the Raf Regiment, we were both drivers he drove a Land Rover for the CO, and I drove a Thornycroft lorry that towed a Bofor gun. He was a great mate of mine and we got on so well. My regards to all the family
Peter Miles SAC
Added by Peter Miles on 09 November 2020
I was one of Jim's mates in the Raf Regt at Wunstorf Germany.on National Service, 1953-54 Very good at football. Great to have around.
Added by Peter Miles on 09 November 2020
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