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St Ninian
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St Ninian

St Ninian at Kirkwall Pier in 1956. Another scan from Ferranniacolor and Vito B.
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Picture added on 28 October 2007
Note the net hung from the ship to the pier under the crane in case any loose item fell out of a sling. Also the stage for painting on Port bow though unfortunately there are no men on it. This ship was built at the Caledon yard in Dundee in 1950 and was sold to Canada about 1965 and finished her days cruising to the Galapagos islands.
Added by W Mackay on 27 January 2008
I think you will find it was after 1965 that she was sold. I was on the St Magnus until the strike in 1966 and I am sure the Ninian was still going strong at that time.
Added by Ernie Rendall on 31 October 2009
Was it not 1971.
Anonymous comment added on 02 November 2009
I certainly travelled on the St Ninian in July 1970
Added by Ian M Gibson on 04 November 2009
St Ninian (II) was sold to Canadian owners Atlantique Cruise Lines Ltd., North Sydney, Nova Scotia in 1971. She was then cruising and sailing under her old name.
Added by Edwin Rendall on 06 November 2009
Did the St Ninian not help out the St Ola in the Pentland Firth in the summer months in the years before the RO-RO started. I seem to remember the cars being loaded on to the Ninian in Stromness, and sailed to Scabster to unload, while the passengers and the cars that the St Ola could handle would load up and sail later. When the Ola arrived in Scrabster, the Ninian had unloaded and you could jump in and drive off.
Added by Alastair on 06 November 2009
You are indeed correct with 1971 - 65 or 66 was the time that the 1937 built passenger steamer St Magnus (originally named St Clair) was replaced by the Motor Cargo vessel St Magnus which had originally been called City of Dublin. My memory's not perfect!
Added by W Mackay on 06 November 2009
Alistair, you are thinking of the St Clements. She could only take 12 passengers but took the overflow of cars.
Added by Willie Watters on 09 November 2009
Was it not the St Clements that helped out wi the Ola? Dont recall the Ninian on the firth run.. but have been wrong before..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 09 November 2009
Now that I think about it, I guess you are right it was the Clements. Completely forgot about that name. We were lucky enough to get across on it as our father worked on the pier and knew which strings to pull to get on board.
Added by Alastair on 10 November 2009
Definately not St Ninian on Pentland as OLA backup it was the 1946 Built St Clement regularly from about 1967 to 1974 late June till mid August when she reverted to the midweek Leith - Aberden - Kirkwall - Lerwick & return (Leith ended 1971 after which she spent Fri - Mon in Aberden). Willie Watters is correct she could only cary 2 Pasengers but in summer she rarely carried any. Imagine 50-60 cars left with Keys at Scrabster awaiting arrival of St Ola these days. The previous steamer St Ninian a smaller vesel ran Scrabster - Lyness dring World War 2.
Added by W Mackay on 10 November 2009
missing text in my last post - should read :- carry 12 passengers
Added by W Mackay on 12 November 2009
I sailed on the St. Ninian in August, 1972. She left Sydney, Nova Scotia and cruised west ino the Bras d'Or, turned around and continued through the night to the French island of St. Pierre, where I left her. She continued on to Newfoundland---perhaps St. John's.
Added by James Harmon on 03 February 2011
The St Ninian went to St. Albans in Newfoundland. I have scans of the brochure with maps and descriuptions of the cruises available
Added by James Harmon on 08 February 2011
A good picture of the St. Ninian. Does any one have any idea who holds the drawings for her?
I would like to build a model but can`t do it without plans
Added by Ian Tulloch on 26 February 2011
I think John Webster in Wick has (or had ) plans for her.
Added by William Watters on 28 February 2011
Do you have any contact details for John Webster?
You can e-mail me at oldmanofhoy_123@hotmail.com
Added by Ian Tulloch on 09 March 2011
What will a set of drawings of the St Ninian be worth
Added by Franco Conterato on 24 June 2014
I was an engineer on the St Ninian and when she was sold I sailed from Aberdeen to Nova Scotia and worked with the new owners on the cruise run from North Sydney to St Pierre for around six months before returning home to Aberdeen
Added by Bill Cameron on 13 June 2015
I transferred from Earl of Zetland to St Ninian, think was late June 1961. Served there for about six weeks then went on chr Salvensens North Sea cargo coasters to Norway
Added by Robert Leask on 02 November 2015
I was engineer with St Binian 1968 70 and would like to make contact with Bill Cameron who may give me info on former shipmates.
Added by Martin Jamieson on 14 February 2018
I have no problem if Martin Jamieson wants to contact me regarding info on St Ninian. I don't recall Martin but I think I was still deep sea when Martin was on the Ninian but could not have missed each other by much.
Added by Bill Cameron on 06 March 2018
I traveled on the M. V. St. Ninian in July 1971 from Sydney, N.S. to St. Pierre, I was 10, my brothers 7 and 2. All of my family became seasick. I remember a guy leaning over the rail to vomit. We had breakfast as we were arriving. For the 3 days on the island of St. Pierre we'd feel like the ground was moving, after being on the ship. In our room there was no porthole but you could see the water come over the porthole in the room across the hall. I have a photo of my ticket for the M. V. St.Ninian, Atlantique Cruise Lines, Ltd.
Added by Walt on 01 September 2018
Walt was obviously not a seagoing person his room was a cabin and the hall was an alleyway. Still not heard anything from Martin Jamieson regarding his mail asking to contact me. Cheers, Bill Cameron
Added by Bill Cameron on 09 September 2018
I had my 10th birth day on her an traveled a lot wth my family on her. My mom worked for company who ran ship from north syd to st peirre
Added by Blair mac keigan on 28 October 2018
I remember you when you was just a wee boy. Your mum was Pearl and if I remember your dad was Sonny. Would that be correct? Bill Cameron
Added by Bill Cameron on 30 November 2018
Was my first ship after leaving TS Dolphin August 1955. Left her December when I broke my toe
Added by Gordon Will on 07 January 2019
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