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Hatston houses
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Hatston houses

Hells Half Acre at the bottom, Post Office houses in the middle and town council houses at the top of the pic.
Most people who lived at Hatston will be able to see where their house was from this photo.
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Picture added on 29 October 2007
why was it called hells half acre? always wondered...
Anonymous comment added on 29 October 2007
Was it not a nickname given to the area by the troops garrisoned there in WW2, because of the poor quality accomodation the Army/RAF supplied at the time?Cold, draughty, damp and possibly leaking-living conditions were not of Health and Safety standard!
Could be wrong though!
Added by Richard on 30 October 2007
They were very draughty. I was only six months old when we moved from hatston but when I was ten me granny and grandad were giving one o these luxury hooses i remember staying wae them some weekends and laughing at the lino dancing on the floor when it was windy.oh happy days
Added by Rosie Scollie on 23 October 2008
We spent two happy summers (and cold winters) in the Post Office house with the stone chimney on the gable (centre left). Although I never saw a rat, they often woke us in the night.
It was a fair push out Ayre Road and up the brae with a baby in a pram laden with messages!
Added by Barbara Johnston on 29 July 2009
We lived in the posh houses at the Willowburn camp, only the Duckie overflowed in the winter time and as our house was nearest we got the worst. I had bad rheumatics and Doctor Gordon told my mother it was the Duckies fault
Added by Billy Cardno on 13 November 2010
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