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Earl Sigurd & Earl Thorfinn at Kirkwall Pier
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Earl Sigurd & Earl Thorfinn at Kirkwall Pier

I trust I am correct in naming them Sigurd and Thorfinn. This shot was scanned from a Ferannia transparency taken in a Voigtlander Vito B camera. Ferannia film was 40 ASA (ISO) at that time, just faster than Kodachrome at 25 ASA. A far cry from the range of speeds we enjoy now. I know this was 1956 as I stopped using Feranniacolour late in 1957.
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Picture added on 28 October 2007
Another cracker of a photo! - ss 'Earl Sigurd' in lower berth and ss 'Earl Thorfinn' in upper berth
Added by Rob Thomson on 28 October 2007
Looks like Flett & Sons (Albion) lorry as featured in picture #2726
Added by David Tullock on 29 October 2007
David, I don't think that this is a Flett & Sons lorry. When this photo was taken, Flett & Son's vehicles were yellow. I worked there from 1954 - 1962 but don't recall an Albion lorry at that time. There was an Albion van, which I drove. This vehicle looks like an R Garden's grey lorry. Great photos Tom.
Added by Sandy on 30 October 2007
Dad had an Albion lorry like this - John Jolly (coal). It had a wooden floor and you could see the road between the planks as you drove along.
George Seatter used to start the lorry with the starting handle at the front. Those were the days! We used to give a cheer when it started.
This is a really super photo. Sailing on these boats was quite something. They went out in all weather and did everything but turn over - thank goodness!
One minute you were looking at the waves and the next minute you were looking at the sky. At least you felt the motion of the sea unlike boats of today.
Added by Barbara on 30 October 2007
Pretty sure that is a Gardens Albion lorry as they were green painted. Tommy Swanney and Charley Miller both drove for Gardens.The Jolly coal lorries were grey.
Added by Colin Wylie on 01 November 2007
You are right Colin, the Jolly's lorries were grey. This one has a yellow sign on the door.
Added by Barbara on 04 November 2007
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