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CB White Tornadow
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CB White Tornadow

I noticed a post from White Tornado on picture #4707,a ghost from the past. Here is the man himself with his wife dancing at a CB dance held in the Lynfield Hotel,September 83.
I think I'm correct in saying that Mike Foubister 'White Tornado' and Mr Laidlow introduced cb radios to Orkney.
Outrageously expensive it was too, a simple 40 chanel set in 1983 cost almost £100.00 and then the power supply another £20 to £40 . Someone was making a fortune at the time.
Picture added on 28 September 2007
If anyone is wondering why picture 4707 is not available, I have it wrong, should be picture #4703
Added by Spoot on 28 September 2007
I remember that when the Lynfield emptied our house got very lively!!

Added by Foubi on 28 September 2007
Many a good night at 15 was had by nearly everyone after any doo, when ale flowed freely, Alan Tait in background also Linda Foubister back on plus another possibly Karen Peedie ?
Added by EM on 28 September 2007
I remember the Orkney Air Force, (picture #4703) but what was the Big O Breakers Club. I have a note about a Big O football match in the Bignold on 27th June 1982. Alao, there was a do at the Barriers - possibly a barbecue. Anyone got any photos?
Added by Sandy on 29 September 2007
Oaf had a day out at the barriers, summer 83 sandy . I have a couple of photos which are not very interesting, but since you asked I shall post them. Big o i'm not sure, what was the stromness club called ?
Added by Alan on 30 September 2007
Was the Stromness club called Westside Breakers?
Anonymous comment added on 30 October 2011
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