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Demolition of Phoenix, 12th December
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Demolition of Phoenix, 12th December

The viewing public are served well by Orkneycommunities.co.uk, as both Marion and the second unit (me) are on hand at from 8am to say farewell to the Phoenix. The building will be knocked down by 9.40 am.
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Picture added on 13 December 2004
Thanks to Steven for being there as I wasn't sure if the weather would allow me and w/chair to make it, especially in the dark at 8am!! My brain is not really awake then and my body certainly isn't! As it turned out I did make it although the constant and heavy drizzle meant camera lens getting rather dampish [hence the blur on some photos] and me and chair being thoroughly soaked. How many pints of water does a w/chair hold after being in the rain for an hour? Answers on a postcard please. I wouldn't have missed the event for anything though. The entire demolition, including the final morning, was very impressive and done with no mess left around the area [thanks to the contractors]. The skyline is so different today and I will miss that old building - can remember them digging out the founds for it many, many years ago!!! What it is to be so old that you can remember history.
Added by Marion McLeod on 13 December 2004
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