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Mystery thing
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Mystery thing

Where can you find this lovely rust sculpture?
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Picture added on 23 August 2007
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Mystery places or things or people
Dunfermline Building Society?

[Nope- Steven]
Added by Alison Ritchie on 23 August 2007
Someplace needin' air - Orkney Auction Mart maybe?

[Nope, although it is on the side of a place whose name has livestock connotations... - Steven]
Added by Sandy on 23 August 2007
Scott's Fish Shop?[Nope - Steven]
Added by Bruce Moar on 24 August 2007
Is it Orkney Meat? [Nope- it's in downtown Kirkwall. You've probably walked past it this week... - Steven]
Added by Sandy on 25 August 2007
Westend Hotel? [Sorry, no. Alison has been the closest so far in terms of distance- Steven]
Added by Barbara on 25 August 2007
Is it at the Lloyds TSB bank? [I doot no- getting good mileage out of this one!]
Added by TB on 25 August 2007
The Harbour Fry? [Still no Bruce...]
Added by Bruce Moar on 26 August 2007
Donaldson's - Butchers [Closer... but no]
Added by Sandy on 26 August 2007
I'm tempted to take a walk doon toon to have a look!!
The Laundrette? [Not bad idea... but no!]
Added by Bruce Moar on 26 August 2007
Torvhaug? [Closer to your end of the town than that, Paul- Steven]
Added by Paul Sutherland on 26 August 2007
Groundwaters? [Nope]
Added by Barbara on 26 August 2007
Mounthoolie Lane on the side of Stables wall.
You've actually made me go out and look.......

[Jackpot, TB!

I enjoyed that- anyone got any other things like this to tax our readers? - Steven ]
Added by TB on 26 August 2007
the black pig? [This suggestion came in before I published the answer above- Steven]
Added by Alison Mainland on 26 August 2007
Laundrette? [This suggestion came in before I published the answer above- Steven]
Added by Craig Taylor on 26 August 2007

I was at Moviemania on Saturday evening, looked down Laing Street, saw The Stables and thought "Hmmm... I wonder..." but then I wasn't online yesterday!
Added by Alison Ritchie on 27 August 2007
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